Anti-Skid Floor Coatings

anti-skid floor coatings in a factory

Anti-skid floor coatings are the safest choice for homeowners and commercial business owners alike.  Each year, emergency rooms nationwide see upwards of 8 million patients due to slip-and-fall injuries.  Factor in the amount of insurance claims made against both residential and commercial policyholders and you’ll understand why anti-skid floor coatings are a necessary precaution.  

Preventing slip-and-fall injuries is important, for the safety of your friends, family, and customers, as well as protecting your own liability, but anti-skid floor coatings protect much more.  Professionally applied anti-skid floor products preserve and defend the very floor to which they are applied, creating a barrier against degradation and damage that can come from standing water, harsh chemicals, heavy equipment, or just wear and tear from day to day traffic. 

Prestige Floor Coating manufactures and installs superior floor protection.  Our team of in-house chemists have created a coating for your floor that’s impervious to oil, liquid, and caustic chemicals.  Our specialized floor coatings are designed to withstand the climate in the Baltimore, Maryland area and all along the east coast.

Anti-Skid Floors Have Superior Durability

Proving tried and true in the ever-changing weather means your floor will withstand sub-freezing temperatures and the accompanying snow and ice, as well as hot and humid summers, and ground-swelling precipitation of spring.  Our floor coatings are as eco-friendly as they are strong, can be applied in any weather, and are just as durable outside as they are inside. 

Professionally applied anti-skid floor product won’t shut down your business, or lifestyle, for days on end.  Our own team of installers apply anti-skid floor coatings in as little as 72 hours.  While it is necessary and preventative for the homeowner and business owner to utilize anti-skid floor coatings in home or business, no one wants to inconvenience family, nor shut down business, for more than a few days.   

Prestige Floor Coatings products are durable and maintenance free. The ultra-strong top coat keeps your floor looking good for years to come.  You’ll never need to worry about cracks, tears, or breaks in your floor’s coating.  We warranty our residential product for life.   

Customize Your Floor Coating

For over 22 years, Prestige has been the leading innovator in concrete floor protection.  Our anti-skid floor coatings come in a variety of colors and textures, each one geared toward specific site.  The residential homeowner, for instance, would likely prefer a somewhat finer grade texture applied to his or her patio than the business owner might use in his or her commercial warehouse.   

Improved Safety 

The concrete floor in your warehouse, , industrial facility, garage, basement, patio, or outside stairways can become pretty hazardous in ice, snow, rain, or with the presence of liquid.  As a responsible home, or business owner, it’s up to you to prevent injury to your guests, friends, family, and clientele.  Why not protect your concrete as well, with one of the anti-skid floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating?

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You’ve probably seen advertisements for DIY anti-skid floor coatings; not only are the DIY products not nearly as long-lasting as Prestige Floor Coating products, but they may not provide the best anti-skid protection.   For maximum protection against skidding, slipping, and falling, count on Prestige Floor Coating for the highest quality floor coating products on the market. 

Contact Prestige Floor Coating today and schedule a free, no-obligation estimate, and guard against slip and fall injury and liability while protecting your floors.

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