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Whether you’re finishing your basement, or simply sprucing it up a little, one of the more difficult decisions you face is what to do about your concrete basement floor. Your basement slab is subject to all sorts of outside threats. Water damage, fluctuating temperatures, and house pests. You may hesitate to invest in carpeting, or tile, or even a less expensive floor covering, such as vinyl or linoleum, for fear that your floor will be ruined by flooding, extreme temperatures, or some other threat.

Instead of worrying about moldy carpet, tiles that don’t adhere, or vinyl that shrinks due to extreme temperature changes, why not consider epoxy floor coating for your basement floor? Basement floor epoxy is a wonderful way to protect and insulate your basement floor, while adding a dash of panache to complement your décor. In many cases, your basement floor epoxy coating is identical in appearance and texture to high-end vinyl flooring.

Protect Your Basement Floors With Basement Floor Epoxy

Basement floor epoxy coating is the ideal way to protect your concrete from stains, degradation and damage, while providing an insulating seal to ward off the dampness to which many basements are prone. Your basement floor epoxy coating is installed in 2 to 3 days and provides a lifetime of beauty. Very low maintenance and virtually indestructible, you won’t ever have to worry about cracks or peeling. Basement floor epoxy coating is ideal for your basement refinishing, whatever your ideas may be.

Superior Flooring Epoxy and Installation

Prestige Floor Coating is the leader in basement floor epoxy. While many companies promise a superior product that will last for years to come without peeling or cracking, Prestige delivers. Prestige Floor Coating designs and manufactures the finest epoxy floor coating available today. Our on-staff chemists have formulated a floor coating so durable, it’s made to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy machinery, and many other threats. Our strong and protective basement floor epoxy can take a beating and still look as brilliant as the day it was installed.

Our installation team is thorough in their approach to applying your new basement floor. We install your basement floor epoxy in the same way we install epoxy floor coating for any of our customers-residential, commercial or industrial-with your complete satisfaction in mind. Our professional installation team will prep your floor by grinding away the surface to get to the porous concrete underneath. This allows the basement floor epoxy to form a permanent and impenetrable bond with the concrete base.

After the floor has been prepped, leveled, and any cracks repaired, our team applies 2-5 coats of our epoxy floor coating. Our coating is made resilient by a combination of poly-resins and hardeners, which thoroughly adheres to your slab, forming a strong plastic-like coating. Once the appropriate number of coats have been applied, a commercial grade sealant is applied as the top coat. Upon completion, you can begin enjoying the benefits of basement floor epoxy coating.

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Basement floor epoxy coating for your home is the perfect answer to your flooring needs. Water damage, ground shifts, and temperature changes, no longer cause you to worry. Your floor is safe, protected and will last a lifetime when you choose basement floor epoxy coating by Prestige Floor Coating.

We’ve been in the floor coating business for over 16 years, and proudly claim thousands of satisfied customers. We’re so sure of our product that our basement floor epoxy coating comes with a lifetime guarantee against peeling. For more information on protecting your basement floor with strong and fashionable epoxy floor coating, contact Prestige Floor Coating.

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