Bathroom Floor Coatings

The bathroom floor in your store, office or warehouse can be almost impossible to keep clean. Even after you’ve just polished it, stains and wear can make your tile or linoleum bathroom floor look dingy and less than hygienic. Commercial floor coatings can change all that and give you a floor that’s sparkling clean while being easy to maintain.

We manufacture our floor coating products in-house, so we can create a product that fits your own unique needs and wants. Our products are VOC free, meaning our floor coatings will release no harmful chemicals into the environment. Contact us today to learn more or click the button below to request an estimate!

About Our Bathroom Floor Coatings

Prestige floor coatings are designed especially for commercial floors, with bathrooms like yours in mind. Our in-house chemists have created a product that doesn’t just adhere to the top of your existing concrete floor, but actually interacts with the concrete molecules, making it one solid floor, not simply a floor with a coating on top. Our floors are made to last. We’re so sure of that fact that we offer a two-year warranty on every floor we sell. If your floor starts to peel or flake, we’ll replace the entire floor.

Since our floors are easy to clean and lack the cracks, grout, and grooves found with tile or concrete floors, they are easier to clean and more sanitary for your guests.

Benefits of Our Bathroom Floor Coatings

Bathroom floor coatings offer a number of advantages for public and commercial bathrooms over traditional tile or linoleum flooring. Chief among these is that coated floors are easy to clean and don’t provide the haven for dirt and debris as the seams in ceramic and linoleum tiles do.

In addition to easy maintenance, bathroom floor coatings are virtually impenetrable to stains. Spills that would stain linoleum or the grout in tile floors can be wiped up easily on a coated floor or cleaned with a damp mop. Our floor coating is designed to bond with the concrete underneath, so our coated floors are durable and long-lasting, something that can save your company money in the long run.

Bathroom floors with a Prestige Floor Coating are also safer than traditional flooring products. The rough texture helps to reduce the chances of slips and falls, thus helping to manage your liability and workman’s comp claims.

Schedule a Bathroom Floor Coating Estimate Today

Maryland-based Prestige Floor Coating has been in business for more than 16 years, helping business owners like you create safe, clean, easy-to-maintain commercial bathroom floors. In fact, we’ve helped more than 40,000 customers with more than 30 million square feet of floor coating material during that time.

To see how Prestige Floor Coating can help your business with its bathroom flooring needs, call us at 443-519-COAT.

We serve businesses in the northern Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Delaware areas.

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