Does Epoxy Flooring Smell?

If you are thinking about resurfacing a cement floor in your home you may be considering an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coatings are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a durable, yet decorative flooring solution.

A question that we often receive, however, is regarding the odor of the floor after installation. Many homeowners these days are concerned about the safety of products. The fumes and chemicals that come from a product are certainly worth looking into.

Do Epoxy Floors Smell?

Standard epoxy floors do emit vapors. The odor can range from mild to strong depending on the product used. The amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the product determines how strong the odor will be.

T smell that is emitted from an epoxy floor will disappear over time. Usually, after the floor has fully cured, the smell will dissipate. A fully cured floor is inert and emits no odors.

VOC-Free Floor Coatings From Prestige Floor Coating

At Prestige Floor Coating, we take the concerns of our customers seriously, so we developed our own proprietary floor coating solution that is VOC-free. This product is a special formula that is environmentally friendly and combines the benefits of the most popular types of floor coating products used today–creating a superior product. Our unique resins give you a strong floor that allows for shrinkage and expansion and is safe for the environment and your family.

We believe we have designed  a floor that is  both safe and strong and will stand up to just about anything thrown it’s way.

If you would like to know more about our one of a kind flooring, contact the team at Prestige Floor Coating today!

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Happy New Year. Your guys did a wonderful job with the floor. I am extremely happy with the outcome. As I told Ian, when they came back to finish, you will have other business in the neighborhood. You guys should be very proud of the service you provide and the quality in which you provide it. Thanks again,

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