How Long Will Epoxy Floor Coatings Last?

If you’re considering taking on the project of adding an epoxy floor coating to your garage or other concrete, or paying a professional to do the job with industrial-grade epoxy, you are probably wondering how much mileage you can expect. Let’s go over the factors that affect how long an epoxy floor coating lasts, and the differences between various products.

What It Takes to Make an Epoxy Floor Coating Last Longer

As you’d expect, there are low-end and high-end products available for epoxy concrete floor coatings. Better materials reward you with better longevity, appearance, non-slip performance, and everything else you want. However, it’s not just about spending more money. It’s also about applying an epoxy floor coating correctly.

The key factors include:

  • Preparation: The floor needs to be cleaned and, in some cases, sanded or ground. Existing cracks and chips should be repaired before attempting to adhere the epoxy.
  • Adhesion: We use our own formula designed for climate and conditions in the Mid-Atlantic region. We even test the humidity levels and customize our formula for each application as needed. Proper coating process leads to a stronger bond with the concrete.
  • Multiple layers: For a strong bond and membrane-like final result, you need multiple layers, including a topcoat to protect the epoxy from scuffs and scratches.
  • Usage: A home garage faces a different environment than an outdoor patio, and a commercial kitchen or auto shop has yet different factors to consider. Custom epoxy floor coating applications beat off-the-shelf kits every time.

Lifespan of DIY Epoxy Coatings

Read the fine print on epoxy floor coatings at the hardware store, and you’ll notice there isn’t any kind of warranty on most of them. They promise long-lasting results, but who decides what long-lasting means?

Homeowners tend to find that their DIY garage floor coating efforts become a do-it-again job within a few years—by which time there’s cracks, fading, chipping, and peeling.

Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are looking to apply epoxy floor coating look to the professionals at Prestige Floor Coating. We offer a lifetime warranty for our residential concrete floor coatings because the product can truly last that long. For commercial use, we offer a two-year warranty because any defects would have shown up within that time frame. It’s always possible for natural disasters, severe chemical exposure, or other unforeseeable factors to cause any epoxy coating to fail. Even still, a professional installation should last ten, twenty years, or more.

Contact Prestige Floor Coating for professionally applied epoxy floor coatings. We stand behind our floor coatings because we only use the best quality products and have an experienced team of professional installers. Call us or contact us online today for a free estimate!

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