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In an industrial, or commercial environment, and even in residential garages and outbuildings, concrete floors take a real beating.  Stains, scrapes, cracks and pitting are the result of normal wear and tear on an unprotected concrete floor.  The abuse heaped on by other, more abrasive means, in the name of day-to-day activity, such as spills from caustic chemicals and traffic from heavy machinery, put your concrete floor in a vulnerable position.

In commercial, as well as residential buildings, which lend themselves to harsh circumstances, owners are left with scarred floors showing plenty of damage.  Unsightly concrete is difficult to repair and can even pose a slip and fall risk to your clients, patrons, friends and family.   Maintenance of your industrial, residential, or commercial concrete floor is tedious and time consuming.  Constant repair and maintenance can also become disruptive to your day-to-day business.  Maybe it’s time you looked into chemical resistant floor coating for your business or home.

Chemical resistant floor coating from Prestige Floor Coating, will provide your concrete floor with the maximum in protection against corrosive chemicals, and the stains, cracks, pitting and other forms of damage these harsh chemicals may cause.  Your chemical resistant floor coating will also extend the life of your industrial, warehouse, or commercial floor or showroom, as well as your home work-, or machine-shop, garage, or storage building.  Prestige Floor Coating offers industrial chemical resistant floor coating in various colors and textures to suit your particular business.

Protecting Your Floor is Crucial

Industrial, manufacturing and commercial showrooms are busy venues.  Shifts of employees coming and going as manufacturing is underway, storage of large scale machinery, and regular foot traffic are common in any business setting.  Showrooms, with your company’s products proudly displayed, are essential to many businesses.  Disruption in these settings can interrupt your business, costing your precious time and money in production and sales.

When your showroom or warehouse floor shows signs of damage, the need for you to repair your floor is immediate.  In order to prevent injury to employees and customers, it may become necessary to shut down operations for a time.  However, when you protect your floor with chemical resistant floor coating from Prestige, you won’t need to worry again about floor damage, skid prevention, nor time-consuming repairs.

Our Chemical Floor Resistant Floor Coating System

Once our chemical resistant floor coating is applied, your protection is immediate.  Our experienced team of installation professionals will prepare your floor by repairing any uneven surfaces, cracks, pitting or crevices.  Next, we sand the concrete so the product will adhere properly, preventing breeches in your flooring which may allow for dampness to seep in and cause peeling or cracking.  Once your floor has been prepped, we begin our multi-layer application, complete with a durable and insulating top-coat.

Our process takes roughly 2 to 3 days, depending on the size and scope of your floor.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction.  After 16 years in the business of protecting floors, our process is impeccable.  Our 40 thousand plus satisfied customers will attest to that.

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Installing and maintaining a chemical resistant floor for your industrial, commercial or residential floor can be a serious interruption to your business.  That’s why our maintenance free product is warrantied for life.  Once your chemical resistant floor coating is in place, you won’t have to worry about repairs or reapplication.  You have the ultimate in protective chemical resistant floor coating from Prestige.

Don’t spend time and money trying to keep up with concrete repairs.  Contact Prestige Floor Coating today to find out how to protect your floors from the many hazards of your business for years to come.

We provide chemical resistant flooring solutions in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, DC

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