Commercial Floor Refinishing

For many businesses and commercial establishments, high traffic equals success.  The more people you bring into your showroom, the busier your restaurant, or warehouse, the stronger your bottom line.  Unfortunately, wear and tear on your floor can take the luster out of your place of business real quick.

Commercial floor refinishing, also sometimes referred to as concrete floor resurfacing, can be costly, especially if you need your floors refinished frequently.  Your overhead increases and any profits brought in by all those clients and customers quickly disappears.  When your commercial floor refinishing is done by Prestige Floor Coating, you can be confident that your floor will hold it’s appeal for a long time.  The durability and protection offered by our professional floor coatings is second to none.

Prestige Floor Coating has been serving businesses in and around the Baltimore area for more than two decades.  Our superior product was formulated for east coast floors, making it resilient to many perils which threaten other, lesser products.  Professional installation and commercial floor refinishing further ensures your floors long life.

Improve Your Floors

Businesses in and around Baltimore and the DC area take a beating.  Seasonally, snow, salt, dirt and winter debris can be tracked across your flooring on a regular basis.  Constant mopping and cleaning may help for awhile, but eventually, those cleaners can dull the shine, and remove the protective coating, leaving behind a worn out floor that takes away from the image your business must maintain to thrive.

Prestige Floor Coating products stand up to all kinds of outside threats.  Our product is virtually impenetrable, stain-resistant, and maintains it’s aesthetically pleasing appearance for decades.  With commercial floor refinishing by Prestige Floor Coating, you can choose from a huge variety of colors, styles, and degrees of protection.

Our superior floor coating also prevents slips, falls and possible injury by maintaining a non-slip surface that doesn’t wear with the traffic.  For warehouses, automobile and heavy equipment showrooms, Prestige Floor Coating is the optimal choice.  Our products stand up to heavy machinery, oil leaks, caustic chemicals, and many other threats which would degrade or destroy other types of floor coating.

Timely Installation

At Prestige Floor Coating we understand the adage “time is money”.  With that in mind, we make sure your commercial floor refinishing is executed in a timely manner.  We’ll work with your schedule, doing our best to keep your business operating as usual.  Our floor coatings emit zero VOC’s, so there will never be an offensive and noxious odor to bother your clientele.

Take a look at the floors in your commercial business.  Do you notice fading?  Peeling?  Cracks, or fissures?  Or maybe your flooring is simply showing its age.  Commercial floor refinishing can inject some excitement into your business, and spruce-up an otherwise worn out space.

Request a Free Estimate For Commercial Floor Coatings

For commercial floor refinishing, Prestige Floor Coating is number one in product and installation.  Our team can inspect your current flooring and give you an estimate, with no obligation.  Contact Prestige Floor Coating today and breathe life back into your worn out flooring.


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