Floor Coatings For Doctors Offices

When opening a practice, doctors and their staff need to consider the all the levels on which they provide patient care.  For instance, you must maintain a calming and peaceful environment, yet one which is free from germs, with durable surfaces and easy-to-maintain components.  From your exam room furniture, to your reception area, waiting room, and all the areas in between, special attention must be paid as much to the cleanliness of the environment as it is to the office decor.

Most patients expect a doctors office to be clean and sterile, however, a cold, laboratory-like office can increase a patient’s anxiety.  Stainless steel tables and institutional flooring are easy to keep germ and bacteria-free, but are cold and impersonal in appearance.  In seeking a softer ambience, you can’t afford to overlook the maintainability of the sterile and germ-free environment.

Unparalleled Quality

Prestige Floor Coating specializes in finding the right floor coating for your home or commercial business, including health care facilities and doctors offices.  Our floor coatings are uniquely tailored to fit your needs.  We employ a staff of on-site chemists who have perfected our floor coatings in order to give you the highest quality, most durable, and good-looking floor coatings anywhere.

Not only are Prestige Floor Coating products virtually impenetrable, easy on the eyes and long-lasting, but they emit no odor-even when freshly installed-and are earth-friendly from manufacturing to installation.  Our floor coatings emit absolutely no VOC’s meaning nothing to irritate those sensitive to air quality.

Ideal for Doctors Offices

Your fast-paced office is likely pretty busy.  Quick stepping personnel and patients will appreciate the anti-skid properties of our floor coatings for doctors offices.  Slip and fall injuries can be detrimental for your patients, staff and associates.  Liability-wise, slip-and-fall injuries can threaten your business should a lawsuit arise.

For over 22 years, Prestige Floor Coating has been the industry leader in protective coatings for concrete floors.  More than 2 million square feet of residential and commercial floors have had our floor coating installed with very happy results.  Our coatings are unaffected by liquid, caustic chemicals, and heavy machinery.  This superior product is stain resistant, UV protected from fading and degradation, and up to 800% stronger than concrete flooring.

The elastic, rubberized membrane is comfortable and easy on your feet-especially when you’ve been on them all day.  You and your staff will surely benefit from that advantage.

Our high-quality floor coatings for doctors offices are available in a vast array of colors to add some panache to your exam rooms.  Prestige Floor Coatings installation team can install your floor coating in a few days time, with little interruption to your practice.

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For quality floor coatings for doctors offices, or any healthcare facilities in and around Maryland, trust Prestige Floor Coatings.  We’ll have your floors installed on time and on budget.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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