Floor Coatings for Hospitals

There’s no other surface in a hospital, or medical clinic, that endures as much abuse as the floor.  Gurneys, wheelchairs, carts, and medical equipment continually roll across the hospital floor.  Staff and medical personnel are in constant motion, treading on that same floor.  And, let’s not forget the types of spills and accidental splatters, requiring around-the-clock clean-up with hospital-type disinfectant.

Hospital floors do put up with a lot.  You need a floor coating that will stands up to the day-to-day activity in your hospital, clinic or medical facility, and still maintains it’s appearance.  Your floor coating must be impenetrable and stand up to caustic chemicals, able to withstand the weight and traffic of machines and equipment without degrading too rapidly.

Prestige Floor Coating is unmatched in floor coatings for homes, businesses, commercial enterprises and medical facilities.  Our unique formula was designed to withstand just about any abuse you inflict.  Prestige Floor Coating on-staff chemists formulate our floor coatings to be strong and durable.  Our floor coatings for hospitals are 800% stronger than concrete.

Strength and Style

Today’s hospitals are far less clinical and cold in appearance than those of a few decades ago.  A cheerful environment relaxes patients and family members alike.  Gone are the garish lighting, institutional color scheme and functional furniture.

Prestige Floor Coating offers an array of colors and patterns for your hospital floor coating.  Our unique application process allows us to customize your color scheme to your specifications.  From primary colors, suitable for pediatric clinics, to subtle and relaxing pastels or muted tones for other areas of your hospital.

Safe, Germ-Free Environment

Our floor coatings are easy to care for, a must for hospitals.  When you choose Prestige Floor Coating for your hospital floors you can keep germs at bay and create a sterile environment for your patients and your staff.  Our floor coatings are stain-free and UV protected against fading and degradation.

Safety first is always a concern in the hospital environment.-not only for staff, but most especially for your patients.  Our floor coatings are slip and skid resistant, preventing dangerous slip and fall injuries-an all too common risk for many patients.  Anti-skid coating benefits your staff and visitors as well.

Prestige Floor Coating res about the environment inside and outside of your hospital.  Our product is earth-friendly from manufacturing through installation and beyond.  The last thing a patient facility needs is a floor that emits odors or irritants.  Our floor coatings are odor-free and emit zero volatile organic compounds that can cause breathing problems for sensitive patients.

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For more information on how you can benefit from our superior-quality flooring for your hospital or clinic, contact Prestige Floor Coating.  Our professional flooring technicians serve the Maryland and surrounding area.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Happy New Year. Your guys did a wonderful job with the floor. I am extremely happy with the outcome. As I told Ian, when they came back to finish, you will have other business in the neighborhood. You guys should be very proud of the service you provide and the quality in which you provide it. Thanks again,

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