Floor Coatings For Machine Shops

Machine shops aren’t generally known for their cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.  Grease, grime and oil, chemicals, soldering, welding and heavy machinery can make quite a mess of your machine shop.  Your shop floor likely suffers the most abuse from extreme wear and tear.  Stains, cracks, and breaks in your concrete cement floor aren’t just unappealing to look at, they can pose a risk to employees and anyone who may come into your facility.

If your commercial machine shop is the site of shift work and a 24/7 operation, then you surely don’t want the interruption of repairing your floor after consistent damage.  However, left unaddressed, some of the repairs could cause tripping, slipping, falling and many other liabilities, which could end up causing a whole lot more than shutting down for repairs.  Lawsuits and fines, or shut-downs, from regulatory agencies could cause problems for your shop, should you not address repairs in your flooring.

Why not prevent damage to your facility by installing protective floor coatings for machine shops.  Prestige Floor Coating provides floor protection for you, your employees, and your business operation.  Our floor coatings for machine shops will prevent your concrete floor from standing water, caustic chemicals or oil, cracking from concussion, or impact from heavy machinery or tools, and damage from wear and tear, weather, or unforeseen accidents.

Fast and Professional Floor Coating Application

When you run a busy machine shop, you have orders to complete and product to get out on time.  You can’t afford taking time away from your business for floor repairs or maintenance.  Time is money and your livelihood depends on efficient management of both.

That’s why investing in floor coating for machine shops makes good business sense.  Your employees won’t need to interrupt their work flow for repairs to the flooring, or replacement of floor coating.  Floor coating for machine shops from Prestige Floor Coating is made to last years, and withstand punishment.

A Superior Floor Coating Product

Our specially formulated floor coatings for machine shops is made in-house by our own team of chemists.  Because we’re located in the Baltimore area, our specialized industrial grade floor coating for machine shops can withstand anything Mother Nature dishes out, and still maintain a dry, safe, and aesthetically pleasant environment.  Your protected floor won’t blister, peel, or crack, due to weather-related circumstances.

And, speaking of environment, our formula is safe and free of toxins.  Prestige floor coatings for machine shops is free from volatile organic compounds, and emits no noxious fumes, either in application, or after installation.  Floor coatings for your machine shop from Prestige Floor Coatings is industrial strength, made from 600% elasticized rubber, and hardy in its resistance to abrasions, stains, and impacts.

Installation is simple.  The Prestige Floor Coating team of professionals prepare your floor by making sure there are no cracks, holes, pits or uneven pavement.  We then apply the base to the prepared concrete, follow with several more layers of industrial product, then top with ultra-sealing top coat.  The entire process takes 2-3 days and our job is not complete until our customer is 100% satisfied.

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For the most protective floor coatings for machine shops, you need the industry leaders in floor coating products and installation.  Prestige has been keeping our commercial and residential customers satisfied for over 16 years.  We count more than 40 thousand happy customers among our clients.  If you’d like superior protection floor coatings your machine shop floors, contact Prestige Floor Coating today.

Prestige Floor Coating offers floor coating solutions for machine shops in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

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