Green Epoxy Floor Coatings

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If you are considering having your concrete floor coated, you may want to consider using an environmentally friendly product. Many coatings you will find have a high level of Volatile Organic Compounds also known as VOC’s.

VOC’s can be found in many products throughout your home and business, however they can be dangerous to both your health and the environment. This is caused by molecules entering the air, although you may not notice the effects of VOC’s straight away, they can have an accumalating effect on your health that can cause health issues in the future.

Green, VOC-Free Floor Coatings By Prestige

Our specially formulated concrete floor coating is a green epoxy floor coating, meaning it is a VOC free floor coating. We have made a specialized floor coating that is an environmentally friendly floor coating which is especially designed for the Baltimore, MD climate.  This green epoxy floor coating is an industrial strength coating that is 800% stronger than concrete.

Using our green epoxy floor coating lets you be assured that your flooring is not letting off particles and gases that will effect those living and working around the area, whilst giving you a floor that is slip resistant and resistant to stains and impact, including chemicals. You can enjoy a strong floor that you know is safe and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly, But Durable And Versatile

Our coating can be applied in any temperatures and is made not just for indoor treatment, it can also stand up to UV rays and weather without yellowing and fading.

Due to its industrial strength our green epoxy floor coating is suitable for all kinds of applications. Whether you are looking to protect your concrete floor in your home, business, or industrial areas, our coating can stand up to high impact situations.

If you have bare concrete floors and have never considered coating them, you may want to look into it. There are many benefits to coating your floor including protecting your floor from staining, cracking, and becoming slippery. Coating your concrete floor can also turn a dull concrete floor into a work of art, with many styles and colors to choose from, you can choose to have your floor blend in, or stand out.

Learn More About Our Green Epoxy Floor Coatings Today!

If you are looking for a coating for your concrete floor that is an environmentally friendly floor coating, contact us today at Prestige Floor Coating. We believe that our coating is superior to others on the market and will provide you with a beautiful floor, for years to come.


We proudly provide green epoxy floor coating services in the following areas:

Maryland     Northern Virginia     Southern Pennsylvania     Delaware     Washington, DC

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