Veterinary Clinic Floor Coatings

Veterinary clinic floors receive a lot of abuse. Nervous pets may relieve themselves on the floors, causing staining and potentially causing unsanitary conditions for humans and other pets, even after the floor has been cleaned. Concrete is porous, making cleaning and sanitizing difficult. Some veterinary clinics opt for tile or linoleum flooring, but over time these can break, rips, or peel, leaving your clinic looking unsightly.

Floor coatings for your veterinary clinic provide a beautiful, durable, and sanitary way to protect your concrete floors. We can customize your floor coatings in virtually any way you like. With more than 580 floor colors and styles, your product choices are virtually endless. From standard floor coatings to beautiful stained or metallic styling to anti-skid safety flooring, our floor coatings are designed for any business, industry, and use.

Our Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings provide superior protection to other products on the market today. Many of the over the counter products are simply epoxy fortified, making them little more than high-strength paint. Our proprietary, multi-layer process, however, provides a high-quality industrial strength floor coating that can make your floors up to 800x stronger than traditional concrete floors.

To learn more about our coating process, click the links below or see the chart to see how our product stands up against the competition.

prestige_logo Polyaspartic Polyurea Polyurethane
Lifetime warranty (Residential) green-check red-cross red-cross
Odorless green-check red-cross red-cross
Not affected by moisture (we embrace it) green-check red-cross red-cross
Offers superior slip resistance when wet green-check red-cross red-cross
Does not require acid etching/washing green-check red-cross red-cross
Industrial Strength green-check red-cross red-cross
600% elastic, rubberized membrane green-check red-cross red-cross
Stain, impact, abrasion resistant green-check red-cross red-cross
800% stronger than concrete at 20,000 PSI green-check red-cross red-cross
Recomended for outdoor applications green-check red-cross green-check
UV Protected from yellowing/fading green-check green-check red-cross
Can be applied in any temperature green-check green-check red-cross
Emits zero VOC’s green-check green-check red-cross

Why Choose Prestige Floor Coating?

Prestige Floor Coating has more than 20 years of staff experience in the floor coating industry. With more than two million square feet of floors coating, Prestige Floor Coating is one of the leading floor coating companies serving the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to peel under normal use.

Unlike many of our competitors who simply buy mass-produced over-the-counter products, Prestige Floor Coating products are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing us to create custom floor coating solutions for your specific design needs and our climate.

Our team of installation professionals can finish a typical application in as little as 2-3 days, depending on the size of your facility.  We pride ourselves on happy customers, which no one appreciates more than a business owner, and we don’t consider the job complete until you’re thrilled with your veterinary clinic floor.

Request a Free Estimate Today

If your veterinary clinic floor needs attention, or if you’re opening a new veterinary office and you want quality floor coating, professionally applied, contact Prestige Floor Coating.  Our floor coating experts will provide you with an estimate and help you choose the floor coating ideal for your business.  Contact Prestige today and start showing off.

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