Warehouse Floor Coatings in Fairfax, VA

Warehouse Floor Coatings in Fairfax, VA
Warehouse floors don’t have to be glamorous, but they do need to be sturdy and safe. Cracks in the concrete, spills and moisture can cause hazards for employees, vendors and visitors. The ideal warehouse floor is one that you don’t have to think about, one that is durable, easy-to-clean and provides and safe and sturdy surface on which to work. Warehouse floor coatings by Prestige Floor Coating provide just such a floor.

At Prestige Floor Coating we have designed a proprietary floor coating epoxy with warehouse floors in mind. Designed specifically for east coast concrete, our floor coating polymer is guaranteed to protect your warehouse floor from heavy use and harsh conditions. Our floor coatings are made to handle anything your business can dish out. Strong, yet environmentally safe coatings are the result of years of research and tried and true results, by our own chemists.

What Are Warehouse Floor Coatings?

Our warehouse floor coatings are applied directly on top of your existing concrete floor. However, unlike many other types of floor coatings that sit on top of the existing floor, our product is designed so that it blends with the molecules in the concrete to create a single, durable floor unit. We employ our own in-house chemists and produce our own floor coating product, so we know that’s it’s designed to do what we say it will do. In fact, we’re so sure of our warehouse floor coating that we offer a two-year warranty on every floor. In the unlikely event that your warehouse floor coating starts to peel or flake during that time, we’ll replace the entire floor.

Advantages To Using Warehouse Floor Coatings By Prestige Floor Coating

Although safety is the chief advantage to using our warehouse floor coating, there are many additional reasons for opting for such a floor. A floor using warehouse floor coating by Prestige Floor Coating is easy to maintain and clean. It’s virtually impenetrable, so it doesn’t stain and can be cleaned by hosing it off or cleaning with a wet mop. Our warehouse floor coating is made to last. A warehouse floor treated with our floor coatings is a floor won’t need to be replaced for decades.

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Prestige Floor Coating has been helping business owners create safe and durable floors in warehouses and other spaces for more than 16 years. Over that time, we have helped more than 40,000 customers and applied more than 30 million square feet of floor coating material. Suffice it to say: we know a lot about industrial floor coatings! We employ our own chemists and we design and produce our own coating product.

To learn more about how Prestige Floor Coating can help your Fairfax, VA business with its flooring needs, call us at 443-519-COAT.

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Happy New Year. Your guys did a wonderful job with the floor. I am extremely happy with the outcome. As I told Ian, when they came back to finish, you will have other business in the neighborhood. You guys should be very proud of the service you provide and the quality in which you provide it. Thanks again,

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