When to Replace Your Garage Floor Coating

Does your garage floor look like it’s taken a licking? Some garage floor coatings will only last a few years at best. Professionally installed coatings with advanced formulas can last a lifetime.

Don’t get stressed when the time comes to replace a garage floor coating—there’s a more permanent solution you can choose this time.

How Long Do DIY Epoxy Kits Last?

If you added an epoxy coating that you bought online or at the big box, hopefully it’s lasted a few years already. The manufacturers can’t give you a ballpark estimate of the lifespan, and their warranty does not cover any kind of wear and tear. 

In practice, we see these coatings last as little as one year. In some cases, they last five to ten years if they were installed perfectly and maintained well.

Signs You Need to Replace a Garage Floor Coating

The golden rule is that you should replace your garage floor if you’re unhappy with it. Chips and dust from peeling paint or epoxy are annoying, and your concrete foundation may be at risk.

Here’s what to look for and why:

  • Age: Polyurethane and DIY epoxy kits can fail after just a year or two.
  • Cracks: This is the most important issue because you need to fill the holes and re-coat for protection.
  • Chips and peeling: Not a huge problem for some people, but if you like to work in your garage or plan on selling the house, you’ll want an upgrade.
  • Yellowing or fading: This means that a polyurethane coating has been sun-damaged or otherwise begun to fail.
  • Slipperiness: Professional coatings come with a top coat that reduces slips and skids for safety.

A More Permanent Garage Floor Coating

Want a longer-lasting garage floor coating? Ask Prestige Floor Coating for a professional-grade coating that outlasts an epoxy or urethane finish. In fact, we warranty our residential floor coatings for a lifetime.

We don’t just install the same stuff you can buy at the store. Our proprietary formula uses layers of polymers, epoxy, and specially formulated ingredients that make concrete 800% stronger, more resilient with a rubberized bond, and able to withstand grease, chemicals, scratches, and more.

Contact us today for a free estimate to get started with a better garage floor coating in the greater Baltimore area or anywhere in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

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