Carport Floor Coating

Between the drips of motor oil and the outdoor elements, your carport faces a lot of messy stains and weathering. There’s hope for those who want their carport to look clean and presentable. Our polymer and epoxy floor coatings for carports hold up strong against dirt, grease, sleet, and snow. In fact, we use a proprietary formula for our carport floor coatings intended specifically for indoor-outdoor use in the Mid-Atlantic climate.

Instead of wasting time and money on floor paint or giving up and letting mother nature take its course, let Prestige Floor Coating install a professional-quality carport floor coating. You can choose a unique color and texture to suit your home, and the finished product will be easy to keep clean.

Contact us or call (443) 519-2628 to get a free estimate for carport floor coating in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

Why Install a Carport Floor Coating?

We all know the look and smell of a tired, old carport—chips, cracks, loose gravel, and motor oil. Or worse, there’s the two track lines of dead grass. A better solution is a concrete carport with an epoxy floor coating. Your carport will look fantastic even when the parking space is empty.

Our outdoor-approved carport floor coating outperforms the competition by a landslide. Compared to a garage paint or even an epoxy kit from the hardware store, what we install at Prestige Floor Coating can easily last decades longer without showing its age. 

The benefits of our carport floor coating include:

  • Stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, even against auto fluids
  • Anti-skid finish for your safety
  • Easy cleaning with a broom or mop
  • UV-resistant to prevent sun fading
  • Attractive appearance with personalized color options
  • VOC-free, no toxic fumes

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What Makes Our Carport Floor Coating Different?

Prestige Floor Coating uses more advanced science and installs our product professionally. We’ve fine-tuned our ingredients and ratios to withstand sun-drenched summers, harsh winters, and quick temperature swings. Our technicians take time to ensure an even coat, yet finish the job quickly. It all adds up to a stain-resistant carport floor coating with no hassle for you.

Our floor coating makes your carport 800 percent stronger than plain concrete. Park a heavy-duty truck or use a workbench on it, and you won’t chip or crack it. You’ll have a concrete coating fit for a professional garage—with great looks that improve your home’s curb appeal.

Get the Best Floor Coating for Carports

We’ve covered millions of square feet indoors and outdoors with our premium epoxy-based concrete coatings. Find out how Prestige Floor Coating can enhance your outdoor space with a carport floor coating!

Call us at (443) 519-2628 or request a free estimate online for a carport floor coating that will last.

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