Liquid Granite Floor Coatings

When granite counter tops came on the mass market scene roughly twenty-five years ago, their popularity spread like a kitchen decor firestorm.  Though not always budget-friendly, the look and appeal of natural granite became popular across the country.

And why not?  The appeal of granite-look is obvious.  The colors and natural shadings, streaks and speckles of granite can be quite lovely.  With the proper accents, granite can be timeless and understated as it adds a little elegance to the everyday.  Granite’s versatility is it’s most obvious charm.

In the same way granite adds elegance to your kitchen counters, liquid granite floor coatings can bring a certain character to your concrete flooring.  Whether commercial or residential, liquid granite floor coatings are aesthetically pleasing, and versatile in their decor options.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we have developed a concrete flooring product that we call liquid granite–giving your concrete floors the same look of granite–with improved durability and protection!

Liquid Granite:

  • 5-layer system
  • Lifetime Warranty, 2-year Outdoor Warranty
  • Liquid Granite consists of chips made from natural stone and is applied using the five-layer Prestige system. The only difference to note is that instead of using color chips, as is used in all other coatings, we use chips made from natural mineral flakes that make the flooring system glisten with natural crystalline beauty. This unique quality is derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals including muscovite, phlogopite, biotite and clintonite. These flakes provide a natural metallic luster to our Ultra flooring system that cannot be achieved with other engineered materials.
  • Chemically Resistant, UV Protected and Scratch Resistant
24 Karat
Amber Sunrise
Beach Bum
Dark Valley
Moonlit Harvest
Endless Weekend
Midnight Oasis
Diamond Mine

The Look of Granite, The Protection of Epoxy

Your concrete floors are durable, no doubt.  You can count on your flooring to stand up to weight, water, and traffic.  However,bare concrete does have it’s weak spots.  Concrete flooring in your garage, basement, pail, or breezeway, can easily become stained, or cracked.  The stain, or discoloration will remain, and the crack will grow bigger with time.

Prestige Floor Coating provides protection for your concrete floor.  With our custom concrete floor coating, your floor will remain free from stains and cracks, as well as a host of other threats which can cause significant damage to untreated concrete floors.  By coating and protecting your floors, you not only guard against damage to the concrete, but Prestige Floor Coating products form such a strong bond, you’ll never need to worry about peeling, cracking, or flaking, once the product is set.

Liquid granite floor coatings bring out the character of your room.  Whether the professionals at Prestige apply your new liquid granite coating to your basement media room/entertainment space, or your sunroom, enclosed patio, or pool deck, the look will be unique and eye-catching, with the added bonus of serious protection.  And you’ll never need to worry about slip-and-fall injuries.  Like all of our floor coatings, liquid grant floor coatings can be textured to prevent falls.

Unique in Style and Strength

All of the floor coatings developed and manufactured in-house at Prestige are made with your satisfaction in mind.  Color chips are added to our environmentally safe formula, but only the liquid granite floor coatings have natural mineral chips and stone.  These natural elements provide a luster and crystalline quality found only in nature.  Each layer adds to the one-of-a-kind floor coating.

Our liquid granite coatings are applied in the strongest five-layer ultra flooring system, and come with a lifetime indoor warranty.  In addition to it’s lovely and unique appearance, liquid granite also offers UV protection against fading and dulling, and is scratch and chemical resistant.  Your floor will look stunning for years to come.

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For over two decades, Prestige Floor Coating has been your east coast expert in concrete protection.  Our floor coatings withstand the test of time, and temperature.  Created here in Maryland, and installed all over the country, our product is as durable as it is beautiful.  For more on liquid granite floor coatings or for a free stimate, contact Prestige Floor Coating, the industry experts.

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