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Product showrooms across the country have long used 3D floor coatings to display their merchandise in a dazzling way.  Not only are 3D floor coatings eye-catching, but they’re unique.  For residential and commercial application, floors with a metallic appearance can be extremely flattering to any decor.  These stunning floor coatings continue to grow in popularity.

Floor coatings are typically applied to prevent degradation of the concrete flooring found in basements, garages, patios, and utility rooms.  Prestige Floor Coatings, located in the Baltimore area, has designed a premium product that provides the greatest concrete floor protection available.  Our coating will guard against cracking, pitting, stains and abrasions to you concrete floor, and can transform your space by adding some style.

Tough and Trendy

3D floor coatings are a very popular trend in decor today.  And you have plenty of options.  Update your outdoor living space by adding one of our copper colored or steel-look floor coatings.  Warm your man cave or basement activity room with a Red Wine or Autumn Walk.  You can even choose a cobblestone look for your outdoor walkway.  Prestige Floor Coatings has a wide array of options for your 3D floor.

3D floor coatings from Prestige aren’t just beautiful in appearance.  Our superior floor coatings are created in our very own labs.  In order to carry the Prestige seal of approval, these breathtaking and durable coatings must stand up to the intense weather conditions of the eastern US.  Sub-freezing temperatures, rain, sleet, hail and intense sunlight and humidity won’t damage Prestige Floor Coatings.

Quality Product and Industry-Leading Warranty

Prestige Floor Coating stands firmly behind our 3D coatings and all of our floor coatings.  Our residential floor coatings carry a lifetime warranty against peeling.  Once your application is complete (usually in 48-72 hours), your floor will retain it’s good looks for decades.

All of the floor coatings installed by Prestige are low-maintenance. Unlike other floor coatings, you won’t ever need to reapply, or patch your coatings by Prestige Floor Coating.

How Do 3D Floor Coatings Work?

3D floor coatings get their three dimensional look for metallic pigmented pearls that are mixed in with clear 100% solids floor coatings. The pigmented powder adds a reflective sheen that resembles liquid metal.

It is truly one of the most unique, and stunning flooring options available on the market today. Whether you want a floor that simply looks like liquid metal, or a highly cratered, three dimensional floor that looks like something you’d see in a science fiction movie, Prestige has the product and expertise to make your project a success.

Flooring Uniquely Yours

3D metallic flooring projects are completely unique. No two projects will ever look exactly the same. While certain stylistic features can be mimicked across different projects, the final design is ultimately up to the floor itself. The pigmented pearls in 3D flooring will settled differently every time, giving every floor a unique look.

Request a Free Estimate Today!

For style and protection, contact Prestige Floor Coatings today.  We have a complete line of 3D metallic floor coatings and many other decorative styles.  Our staff will happily help you in choosing the right floor coating for your home or commercial space.  You can trust Prestige Floor Coatings to safeguard your concrete floor with dazzling style.

Liquid Dazzle Color Choices

Liquid Dazzle:

  • 3-layer system
  • 10-year Warranty, 5-year Staining Warranty
  • Liquid Dazzle is a metallic shimmer coating technique that assures a one-of-a-kind artistic finish that is revolutionizing the floor coating industry. Floors finished with the application are glass-like and smooth and have been described as having a hammered metal look or moon craters.
London Fog
Earth Canyon
Autumn Walk
4-Leaf Clovis
Blue Carribean
Moody Blues
Shamrock Green
Ocean Mist
Gray Flannel
Valley of Fire
Red Wine
Butter Rum
Purple Rain
St. Rose
Dark Shadows
Sensual Amber
Fresno Sun
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