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Commercial Epoxy Flooring for Retail Stores in MD, VA, PA and DE

In today's competitive market, it's not enough to just sell quality goods and services at competitive prices. You need to provide a retail setting that your customer will find aesthetically pleasing and want to return to. That can be a difficult task in a restaurant, showroom, or warehouse.

In a soft goods retail establishment, you need to pay heed to the upkeep of your store while worrying about the safety of your customers and the wear and tear on your floor from foot traffic, carts, spills, and many other consistent threats. Beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons, and food sellers all have their own set of concerns when it comes to their flooring.

For easy care, aesthetics, and safety, most retail establishments choose protective retail floor coatings. Left unprotected, your concrete floor can easily become stained, cracked, or broken, not just off-putting in appearance, but downright dangerous. Courtrooms across the country see "slip-and-fall" suits brought against retailers on a near-daily basis. You need to protect your customers, your employees, and yourself by protecting your cement floor with retail floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating.

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Why Coat Retail Floors?

As stated above, many stores and restaurants have several different areas under one roof. The kitchen of an upscale restaurant can get pretty crazy on a Friday or Saturday night. If you're a restaurant owner, you understand that clean-up is just as important as protecting the safety of your kitchen staff. When you install specialized epoxy retail flooring systems, you're:

  • Providing a safe working environment
  • Making future maintenance easier
  • Making your establishment more aesthetically pleasing

Manicurists and hairstylists alike will appreciate retail floor coatings in their salons. Aesthetically pleasing, easy-care, slip- and skid-proof retail floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating cover all the bases for any store or restaurant. Our superior product comes in several colors and textures and, once applied by our professional installation team, will last for years to come.

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Why Choose Prestige Floor Coating?

What should make retail floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating your preferred product? First, our epoxy flooring is extremely durable. We employ chemists on staff who have formulated our floor coatings specifically for the northeast, so they will stand up to temperature extremes. Our industrial-strength coatings won't:

  • Show abrasions, stains, or impact
  • Crack, split, or peel
  • Easily facilitate slipping, even when there's a spill

Professional installation takes two to three days, depending on the size of the project. The professional team at Prestige Floor Coating will make sure your floors are even, any cracks or crevices are repaired, and your concrete floor is in the optimum shape to apply our retail floor coating. Once the base and color are applied, we seal the deal with a highly durable topcoat.

As a retailer, you can count on Prestige Floor Coating for a high-quality product, installed to your complete satisfaction. We understand how much your business means to you. Protect your floors and your livelihood with retail floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating.

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