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Maryland Industrial Floor Resurfacing Services


Benefits of Our Industrial Floor Resurfacing Products

If your industrial floor is in need of some care due to cracks forming, stains, or just general use, you may want to consider industrial floor resurfacing. Floor resurfacing can restore your floor, adding protection and allowing your floor to look brand new.

The team at Prestige Floor Coating has put in extensive work to design and manufacture proprietary floor refinishing epoxy coatings for industrial floors. These coatings are formulated to bond correctly with concrete used in facilities throughout the East Coast of the United States. With a strong, durable coating in place, industrial floors will be protected from damage that could affect concrete. Constant foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery, fluctuating temperatures, other weather-related issues, or chemical spills will not cause damage to epoxy coated floors. These coatings can handle ongoing use and ensure that a floor can be used effectively for any purposes needed. In addition, our floor coatings are environmentally friendly, and they can provide a safe environment for workers.

Industrial Floor Resurfacing by the Team at Prestige Floor Coating

If you are looking for industrial floor resurfacing products, you may find it hard to choose between the many companies and products available. Prestige Floor Coating has made your choice easier by producing a product that stands out amongst the competition. Our industrial floor resurfacing products have been specifically designed to be applied easily to your industrial flooring, They can be applied at any temperature, allowing you to have your floors resurfaced at any time of the year.

Our industrial floor products are abrasion, stain, and impact resistant, giving you a floor that is designed specifically for your industrial environment. By using our products. you can have a floor that will look good for many years to come, reducing the need to have your floor refinished, and ensuring that you can keep your business up and running.

Our Industrial Floor Resurfacing Products

We have created floor resurfacing products that are designed to stand up to the East Coast's unique weather conditions. Our products are industrial strength, and they have been created to be 800% stronger than bare concrete under pressures of up to 20,000 PSI. Our coatings are UV protected, giving you a product that will not fade or discolor over time. You have the choice of many colors and finishes, letting you choose a floor that blends in with your current environment. In addition to this, our floor resurfacing products can provide excellent slip resistance, even when spills happen. Our resurfacing products protect your floors, keeping them looking great for years to come.

Contact Our Maryland Industrial Floor Resurfacing Experts

Here at Prestige Floor Coating, we have been creating, manufacturing, and applying floor resurfacing products for multiple decades. Our staff has years of experience providing flooring solutions in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. With our understanding of the ideal floor coatings to use in a variety of different settings, we can help you choose the right product for each unique space in your industrial building. With virtually limitless color and design choices, we can create a floor coating product that not only protects your floors but matches your company's branding.

We work with our own chemists, and we manufacture all of our floor coating products in-house. These practices ensure that we are giving our customers the best floor resurfacing products possible. When you choose Prestige Floor Coating for your industrial floors, you are choosing the best product for your space. If you are looking to have industrial floor resurfacing completed, contact us today at 443-519-2628 for a free estimate.

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