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Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice for enhancing the durability and appearance of concrete floors in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. At Prestige Floor Coating, we provide floor coating services that protect against damage and wear and tear, prevent stains, and provide a visual appeal to a space. Below, we address some of the most common questions regarding the application, maintenance, and performance of epoxy floor coatings.

Epoxy Floor Coating FAQs


How Long Does it Take to Apply Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Answer: The application process for epoxy coatings typically requires two to three days, depending on the area's size, the specific conditions, and the type of coating chosen. The coating process includes surface preparation, priming, coating, and curing. Our team works quickly and efficiently, and we ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their new floors.


When Can Floors Be Used After Coatings Are Applied?

Answer: After applying epoxy coatings in climate-controlled areas, people may begin walking on the floor in about three hours. If there is no climate control, or if epoxy is applied to outdoor surfaces, up to 12 hours may be needed before people can walk on these surfaces. A floor or surface will usually be ready for light use after 24 hours, and full use, including motor vehicle traffic, can typically resume after 48 hours. Our team will make sure you are fully informed about when you can walk on and resume full use of your floors.


What Are the Appropriate Temperatures for Applying Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Answer: Our floor coatings can be applied at any temperature levels and in any environmental conditions. We custom-mix our materials, and we will ensure that they are formulated to meet the specific needs of the areas where floor coatings will be applied.


Will Existing Cracks or Damage in Concrete Floors Affect the Epoxy Coating?

Answer: To ensure that epoxy coatings can bond correctly with concrete floors, any damage or imperfections will need to be repaired or corrected. We make sure a surface is fully prepared before applying coatings. This includes sanding a floor to ensure that it is level and has the proper texture to bond with coatings. We fill or repair any existing cracks, chips, pits, holes, or other forms of damage, ensuring a smooth and level surface after epoxy coatings are applied.


Can Epoxy Coatings Be Applied on Top of Existing Paint or Coatings?

Answer: Floor coatings require a clean and porous surface to ensure that epoxy will adhere to concrete properly. Any existing coatings will need to be removed before coatings can be applied. We provide floor resurfacing services, stripping away existing materials and sanding the surface to ensure that it will be able to bond to the epoxy coating and provide a strong, durable surface.


Will New Cracks Appear in the Concrete After the Epoxy Coating Is Applied?

Answer: Concrete can shift or settle over time, and this can cause cracks or irregularities to appear in uncoated floors. However, our epoxy floor coatings are highly elastic, and they will expand and contract as needed when concrete shifts. Because of this, the possibility of cracks or irregularities will be highly unlikely.


Are Epoxy Floor Coatings Slippery?

Answer: Depending on the texture options chosen, some epoxy floors may be slippery when wet. However, we provide a number of anti-skid options to enhance safety. By adding textured components such as chips or flakes to the epoxy during the application process and implementing non-slip measures when applying the final coats, we can ensure that floors and walking surfaces will be safe to use.


Do Epoxy Floors Contain Toxic Substances?

Answer: Our epoxy floor coatings are environmentally friendly, and they do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could potentially affect the health of people who use homes or businesses where coatings have been applied.


How Long Do Epoxy Floor Coatings Last?

Answer: Our epoxy floors are designed to be long-lasting, and they can continue to serve the needs of homeowners and business owners for multiple decades. They are chemically resistant, ensuring that they will not break down, crack, split, or peel over time. We provide lifetime warranties for our services.

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