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Maryland Garage Floor Painting

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Thinking about having your garage floor painted? You may have seen a friend or family member's home with what looks like a beautiful painted garage floor and decided you wanted one for yourself. What you may not know, however, is that in most cases, the new garage floor is not actually paint at all.

What you likely saw was an epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane, or other specialized floor coating. Basic paint applied to a garage floor will not be very durable or long-lasting. Due to use by vehicles, heavy foot traffic, and the use of tools and equipment, paint would be very likely to peel or flake within a short amount of time. However, the use of epoxy floor coatings can provide protection that paint cannot match. At Prestige Floor Coating, our professional floor coating products are highly durable, and they can provide protection for your garage floor for many years or decades to come.

Garage Floor Painting in Maryland

Garage floor coating from Prestige Floor Coating utilizes a proprietary floor coating product that not only beautifies your floors but makes them up to 800 times harder than concrete. We are so confident in our coatings' ability to stand up to use and abuse that we guarantee all interior residential projects for life.

In addition to getting a great product that will protect your floors, you will also get a large range of choices when it comes to color, finish, and level of protection for your floors. The team at Prestige Floor Coating offers a range of options when it comes to floor coatings in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Our friendly and experienced staff are happy to help with all of your floor refinishing, floor painting, or floor coating questions.

Why Have Your Floor Coated?

If you have cement floors, there are many reasons why you may want to use epoxy floor coatings. These might include the following:

  • A clean look for your cement floors
  • Additional protection from wear and tear
  • Brighten a space up
  • Hide fading or other blemishes
  • A professional look for your commercial space

If you want to have great-looking cement floors that will not flake and look old within months of being painted, contact the team at Prestige Floor Coating.

Maryland Garage Floor Painting Experts

Prestige Floor Coating is the premier floor coating company in the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a range of different floor coating products, and we can help you find the right finish for your unique needs. If you are a homeowner or business owner looking to improve the look of your cement floors, contact us today at 443-519-2628 and request a free estimate.

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