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Simplify Maintenance with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Cleaning Tips for Long-Lasting Results

One of the benefits of using epoxy floor coatings is the ease of cleaning these surfaces. Concrete floors can be much harder to clean, and even after they are swept and mopped, dirt and grime may linger. However, a professional floor coating provided by Prestige Floor Coating can be cleaned quickly and easily without the need for any specialized equipment is much easier to clean. Keeping your floor clean and well-maintained can help ensure that it will have a long life, providing you with a visually appealing space in your home or business.

Tips for Cleaning Professionally Coated Floors

Keeping your floor clean of dirt, dust, and debris can help maintain its longevity. Excessive dirt can lead to scratches in a floor, or it may become embedded in the surface, especially if heavy items such as vehicles, equipment, or machinery are regularly moved across the floor. To prevent the buildup of dirt and maintain a clean, appealing appearance, you can do the following:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly: Using brooms to clear away dirt or dust can keep these issues from building up and potentially damaging the floor. Vacuuming is often the best way to ensure that dirt is fully removed, especially in corners, under shelves or equipment, or in other areas that are hard to reach. To prevent scratches, it is often best to use a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Thoroughly sweeping and vacuuming a floor before moving any heavy items into or out of the area can ensure that the surface will remain clean while preventing damage.
  • Mop floors when necessary: A floor can be fully cleaned and a shiny surface can be restored by mopping with water. A standard mop can be used, and a solution of one cup of vinegar per gallon of water will provide the ideal way to make sure the surface is clean. Soap solutions should not be used, since they may leave a film on the floor that can build up over time, reducing the shininess of the surface. Be careful when mopping, because floors can become very slippery when they are wet. After mopping, the floor can be allowed to dry, with no need for rinsing.
  • Spot cleaning: Small areas of a floor can be easily cleaned by sweeping or vacuuming away any dirt and mopping with warm water.
  • Clean spills promptly: Any chemicals or other liquids that are spilled on a floor should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. If oil, gasoline, antifreeze, paint, household cleaners, or other substances are left on the floor, they may cause stains or damage the surface. Spills can usually be mopped up with shop rags, and the floor can be mopped with water to remove any lingering substances.
  • Address stains: Certain items left on a floor may cause rust or other stains that can be more difficult to clean. These stains can usually be addressed by using scrubbing sponges and warm water. Soft-scrub cleaners and kitchen scrubbing pads or brushes may be used. Avoid the use of wire brushes or harsh cleaning agents, since these can damage the floor.

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At Prestige Floor Coating, our floor coating solutions can provide you with an eye-catching, durable surface that is easy to clean. By following the tips above, you can make sure the floors in different parts of your home or business will maintain their visual appeal and provide you with the functional surfaces you need. If you are looking to improve your floors and ensure that you can get the best use out of your space, our team is here to help. Contact us at 443-519-2628 for a free estimate.

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