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Maryland Chemical Resistant Flooring Services

Protect Your Floors from Corrosive Chemicals with Chemically Resistant Coatings

In many commercial or industrial settings, floors may be at risk of damage due to corrosive chemicals. Spills of certain substances can lead to the breakdown of concrete floors, causing pits, cracks, or holes. Oil, antifreeze, or other substances that spill on the floors of auto shops can cause stains and lead to slippery surfaces. Caustic chemicals used in factories may cause extensive damage to floors over time. These issues may require costly repairs, or they may present safety hazards. Fortunately, they can be prevented by applying chemically resistant floor coatings.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we provide floor coating services in a variety of different settings, and our epoxy floor coatings are resistant to chemicals. Applying coatings to floors in commercial businesses, warehouses, or other locations where corrosive chemicals may be stored or used can protect the integrity of a floor, prevent degradation and damage, provide smooth and level surfaces, and provide for easy cleanup and maintenance. Our anti-skid floor coating solutions can also help prevent slipping hazards that may occur when chemicals or other substances are spilled on floors.

Benefits of Investing in Professional Floor Coating

Damaged floors can not only be unsightly, but they can also be hazardous. Cracks, pits, holes, or uneven surfaces may present tripping hazards, and they may result in accidents when moving items or equipment throughout a building. When corrosive chemicals are used in a commercial business or industrial setting, the risks of spills or other accidents will be higher when floors are damaged. These issues can lead to further damage and additional safety issues.

Chemical resistant floor coatings can help prevent these issues by protecting against damage and maintaining even, consistent surfaces throughout a building. At Prestige Floor Coating, we take the time to repair any cracks, pits, or other forms of damage before applying floor coatings, ensuring that the integrity of surfaces can be maintained. This will provide a level floor that will minimize the risks of falls, spills, or other accidents.

Since our floor coatings are resistant to damage from chemicals, any spills that occur in the future can be cleaned up easily while preventing issues such as cracks or holes. This will help prevent the need for future repairs while also protecting against slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Our floor coatings are strong and durable, with no need for ongoing maintenance, repairs, or reapplication. We provide lifetime warranties, and we will ensure that you are satisfied with the appearance, feel, and durability of your floor.

Our floor coating process usually takes two to three days. We will prepare the floor by sanding the surface, ensuring that it is level, and repairing any damage or irregularities. We will then apply multiple layers of epoxy coating, including chips to provide the desired color, texture, and appearance. We finish by applying a clear top coat that provides insulation and gives the floor a shiny appearance. We can also implement skid protection to protect against slipping hazards. Within a few days, full use of the floor can resume, and it will be protected against damage from chemicals or other sources.

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At Prestige Floor Coating, we can provide the best quality floor coatings to provide protection against damage and ensure that commercial or industrial settings will be safe for employees or other people who enter and use these buildings. We have multiple decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, and we guarantee that our clients will be completely satisfied with our services. If you need to repair a damaged floor, protect against corrosion or other issues that could lead to safety hazards, and ensure that your floor will maintain its integrity for years to come, contact us today at 443-519-2628. We will provide you with a free estimate and help you understand the ideal floor coating solutions.

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