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Anti-Skid Floor Coatings in Maryland and Surrounding States


Guard Against Slip-and-Fall Incidents with Anti-Skid Floor Coatings

Each year, emergency rooms nationwide see upwards of 8 million patients due to slip-and-fall injuries. In response, residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike are installing anti-skid floor coatings to protect people and prevent harm or property damage.

At Prestige Floor Coating, our professionally applied epoxy floor coatings can be customized to include anti-skid protection. Our floor coatings protect and preserve concrete floors, preventing damage and degradation due to water leaks, heavy equipment, corrosive chemicals, and daily wear and tear from regular foot traffic. At the same time, they can provide traction to prevent accidents, even when floors are wet due to spills, leaks, or weather conditions.

Could your Maryland property or commercial business benefit from professional anti-skid floor coating services? For anti-skid floor coating services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, give us a call at 443-519-2628 or contact us online today!

Benefits of Anti-Skid Floors

At Prestige Floor Coating, our products are highly durable, and no ongoing maintenance will be required. The epoxy coatings we use are very strong, and they will ensure that floors will look great while providing protection for many years or decades. Our floor coatings can prevent cracks, and they are highly flexible, ensuring that they will not tear or break, even when floors shift or settle over time. With extreme attention to detail, our floor coating technicians provide services that are truly built to last-no matter the weather!

Our floor coatings are also as eco-friendly as they are strong, can be applied in any weather, and are just as durable outside as they are inside. Our team of installers applies anti-skid floor coatings in as little as 72 hours.

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Customize Your Floor Coating

For over 22 years, Prestige Floor Coating has been the leading innovator in concrete floor protection in the tri-state area. Our anti-skid floor coatings come in a variety of colors and textures, and we can provide options that are customized to meet the specific needs of different clients. Residential homeowners, for instance, would likely prefer a somewhat finer grade texture applied to their patios than business owners might use in their commercial warehouses.

Concrete Flooring Safety

The concrete floor in your warehouse, industrial facility, garage, basement, patio, or outside stairways can become hazardous in ice, snow, rain, or due to the presence of liquid. As a responsible home or business owner, it is up to you to prevent injuries to your guests, friends, family, employees, or clientele. Why not protect your concrete as well with one of the anti-skid floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating?

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Prestige Floor Coating manufactures and installs superior floor protection. Our team of in-house chemists have created coatings that are impervious to oil, liquid, and caustic chemicals. Our specialized floor coatings are designed to withstand the climate in the Baltimore, Maryland area and all along the east coast.

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