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Maryland Decorative Floor Coatings


Unmatched Protection and Style for Your Concrete Floors

Decorative floor coatings can make even the most utilitarian space pop with style. Basement floors, concrete pool decks, and even outdoor patios will present an upscale appearance when you apply decorative coating from Prestige Floor Coating. Guests will marvel at your floor's finished appearance and you'll be thrilled knowing your floor isn't just beautiful, it's protected.

Prestige Floor Coating are created, first, and foremost, with concrete protection in mind. Chips, cracks, and unsightly stains are all in the past with the application of floor coating. Our chemically engineered protective coatings are designed in house, by our very own staff of chemists.

Floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating stand up to endless foot traffic, caustic chemicals, and all the temperamental weather the east coast can dish out. In fact, our decorative floor coatings are designed specifically for concrete floors in the eastern part of the country. Given the extreme temperatures, precipitation, and damp soil, that means our floor coatings are resilient, to say the least.

A Floor Coating for Any Decor

Prestige Floor Coating come in a variety of shades, patterns, and thicknesses. From neutral to vibrant, our floor colors span the spectrum. Textures are available as well. Not only will texturized floor coatings present a finished look, they'll prevent slip-and-fall episodes.

Picture a sandcastle beige or Caribbean azure complementing your pool deck, or a natural terra cotta or brick red transforming your hum-drum patio into an Italian Terrazzo. Prestige Floor Coating can make that happen.

If your basement, rec room, or man cave pays homage to your favorite sports team—professional or college—Prestige carries decorative coatings in team colors to continue the theme. Your garage, or utility room, can take on the appearance of fine marble and still protect what's underneath as diligently as your floor coating guards against stains, cracks and falls.

Guaranteed for Life

Residential decorative floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating are virtually maintenance-free, and warrantied against peeling for life. That's how firmly we stand behind out superior decorative floor coatings. Our application takes about 48-72 hours. You can transform your concrete floor, giving a whole new look to any space, in a few days' time.

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If you're looking for a way to protect and spruce up your concrete floor, you can't go wrong with decorative floor coatings from Prestige Floor Coating. Contact Prestige Floor Coating today at 443-519-2628 and find the ideal protection in a style, and color, to complement your decor.

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