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Floor Coating Services for Kennels in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia & Pennsylvania

Kennel floors have a unique set of needs, and they endure more use and abuse than floors in many other settings. With a constant rotation of animals, kennel floors need to be cleaned frequently to provide safe and sanitary conditions for pets. Standard concrete floors and tile floors easily stain, crack, and chip. Worse, these porous flooring options can actually trap pathogens, potentially creating unhealthy conditions for the animals kept in these spaces.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we manufacture and apply industry-leading concrete floor coatings using a unique, proprietary blend designed specifically for East Coast concrete. Our epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean, will not stain, and can be customized for any application. Request a consultation for floor coating services for kennels today when you contact us online.

Floor Coating Services for Kennels

Our professional floor coatings are superior to bare concrete floors or other flooring products. Some business owners may attempt to use over-the-counter epoxy flooring products. However, these products may only be fortified with epoxy, consisting of paint that is somewhat stronger and more durable than standard paint products. are simply epoxy fortified, making them little more than high-strength paint. At Prestige Floor Coating, we use strong, durable epoxy materials, and floor coatings consist of multiple layers. We take the time to prepare surfaces so that the epoxy coatings will bond correctly with the concrete, preventing any peeling or other forms of damage. Floors that use our epoxy coatings are 800 times as strong as bare concrete or other flooring options.

We provide a variety of floor coating services, including:

Whether you need an anti-skid safety coating in kennels where wet floors are common or beautiful floor coating for your lobby and hallways, we have the products that can fit your needs. With hundreds of colors to choose from and a variety of style and design features, we are confident that our floor coatings will meet your needs.

Why Prestige Floor Coating Is the Right Choice for Your Kennel Floors

At Prestige Floor Coating, we have multiple decades of experience providing floor coating services throughout the tri-state area. We have applied several million square feet of professional floor coatings, and we have served the needs of over 40,000 customers. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we provide lifetime warranties and guarantee satisfaction with our services.

Unlike some flooring companies, we do not purchase floor coating products in bulk and apply them without regard to whether they will stand up to the climate in the area while meeting the specific needs of residential, commercial, or industrial locations. Instead, we use products that have been designed by our in-house chemists to fit different purposes and remain intact in the weather conditions that our clients will encounter. We manufacture our own products, ensuring that they are correctly formulated to meet each client's unique needs.

We work to ensure that floor coatings are applied properly and that clients are fully satisfied with the results. The application process typically takes around two to three days, although the time needed for a specific project may differ depending on the total area where coatings will be applied. We do not believe that our work is fully complete until our customer is completely satisfied with their floor.

Contact Our Maryland Kennel Floor Coating Experts

If you are planning to open a new kennel, or if the floor in an existing kennel needs to be repaired or replaced, Prestige Floor Coating can advise you on the best solutions that will meet your needs. We will ensure that your floor will have the proper protection while being easy to clean and maintain. Contact us at 443-519-2628 to schedule a free estimate and get started on implementing the best flooring solutions available.

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