Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Slip and fall accidents are a risk no business-nor homeowner-should ever have to take. Applying floor coating to your concrete floor will prevent cracks, pitting, breaks and degradation, but how does it stand up to slip-and-fall injuries? You don’t want your family members, friends or clientele breaking an arm, or worse, due to a preventable accident.

If you’re a business owner, you don’t want to risk a lawsuit or liability claim with your insurance provider due to employee or customer injury. Slip-and-fall injuries are serious, and your garage, basement, outdoor, or warehouse concrete floor needs anti-slip floor coating.

Professional Application

Prestige Floor Coating has been an expert in the floor coating industry for 22 years. We pride ourselves on manufacturing a superior product that not only protects, but lasts for years to come. Our exclusive formula is guaranteed not to peel. We provide a lifetime warranty to ensure your protection and our ant-slip floor coating is impact, abrasion and stain resistant. Our product is 800% stronger than most concrete and can handle most anything including caustic chemicals that would wreak havoc on many of the DIY floor coating solutions on the market.

The Evolution of Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Anti-slip floor coating isn’t a new concept. Commercially, anti-slip floor coatings have been available for decades. Prior to that, homeowners used a self-fashioned mixture of paint and sand to prevent family and friends from taking a tumble on their sidewalks, walkways and cement porches. It was a messy job, not highly effective, and didn’t have much aesthetic appeal.

Luckily, today’s concrete floor coatings are much more fashionable. At Prestige Floor Coating, we carry a variety of colors and textures for our anti-slip floor coating products. Our multi-layer system allows you to customize your floor covering in a whole slew of combinations. You can even select a floor coating that show you support a favorite team by installing their colors.

Our application process typically takes a few days, but you won’t ever be inconvenienced for days on end. Our anti-slip floor coating is eco-friendly and emits zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Aside from an occasional mopping (we recommend a vinegar and water solution), your Prestige anti-slip floor coating requires no other maintenance.

Our Polymers offer a Superior Product

Prestige Floor Coating has been manufacturing and installing cement floor coatings in and around the Baltimore area for over two decades. Our product has been specifically formulated to withstand the east coast climate, with all it’s many moods. Snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures are not a threat. The changing soil, due to heavy spring rains, won’t affect your flooring. Neither will the heat and humidity cause your floor coating to split or crack, blister, or break.

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When you choose professionally installed anti-slip floor product from Prestige, you are choosing a superior product that will protect you and your floor for years to come. Our product has covered millions of square feet of concrete and our customers are always completely satisfied.

For a free, no-obligation estimate contact Prestige Floor Coating today.

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