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Concrete floors have become popular in the area of “urban chic” decor.  Where gleaming hardwood was once the go-to, the minimalistic look of concrete has taken over as the premier choice for cutting-edge design.  Concrete’s durability will never be debated, but it a plain concrete floor isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some other choices.  You can still enjoy the look of concrete in your home, and provide style and protection as well when you opt for floor coating.

Whether your concrete flooring is part of your exterior space, as in patio, pool deck, garage, breezeway, or walkway-or the interior of your home-basement or sunroom-you can add a touch of elegance and whimsy with artistic concrete floors.  The flexibility of protective floor coatings allows you to choose the colors, textures and style unique to your personality.  Your artistic concrete floors display your sense of style and provide the maximum protection available for your residential or commercial flooring.


Durable & Design Friendly Concrete Floor Designs

Concrete floors are subject all kinds of threats.  Depending on where your concrete floor is in your home, or building, you may worry about caustic chemicals, heavy traffic, oil leaks, abrasions cracks and standing water.  Protecting your concrete is essential to the life of your flooring.

Prestige Floor Coating is the premier floor protection expert in the Mid-Atlantic.  Our floor coatings are developed in-house by our very own on-staff chemists.  Our professional installation team will prep, apply, and finish your floors in 2-3 days and your artistic concrete floors are guaranteed for life.

Once in place, maintaining your artistic concrete floors is easy.  Spills wipe right up.  There’s never a stain to worry about.  And a quick sweep is usually all you need.  Your artistic concrete floors will add beauty to your home, garage, or patio for many years to come.

 Liquid Dazzle Artistic Concrete Floor Coatings

Liquid Dazzle is a metallic shimmer coating technique that assures a one-of-a-kind artistic finish that is revolutionizing the floor coating industry. Floors finished with the application are glass-like and smooth and have been described as having a hammered metal look or moon craters. Check out our Liquid Dazzle artistic concrete floor coating options below:

London Fog
Earth Canyon
Autumn Walk
4-Leaf Clovis

Blue Carribean

Moody Blues

Shamrock Green
Ocean Mist
Gray Flannel

Valley of Fire
Red Wine
Butter Rum
Purple Rain
St. Rose
Dark Shadows
Sensual Amber
Fresno Sun


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If you’re interested in setting your inner design aficionado free, speak with one of the Prestige Floor Coatings specialists  We can advise you on the floor coating combination which will work best for your artistic concrete floor plans.  Our ultra protective system provides more than just a “pretty face” to your floors.  With our patented floor coating, you’ll never worry about peeling or flaking.  Our UV protection guards against fading so your artistic concrete floors will retain their unique character.

Prestige Floor Coating’s thorough application process ensures the seal is impenetrable.  The exterior threats that come from extreme temperatures, snow, ice and sun are never a concern.  The comfort level  of your home or business will go up as well.

Prestige offers you the green choice in your artistic concrete floors.  Our floors emit zero harmful  SOCs.  Beauty, comfort, and environmental responsibility-what more could you ask from a floor coating?


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