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5 Reasons Epoxy Floor Coating is Superior to Concrete

 Posted on June 18, 2024 in Uncategorized

Baltimore, MD epoxy floor coatingYou may be trying to decide whether you want an epoxy floor coating or a polished concrete floor for your garage or basement. If so, there are several factors you should take into consideration. First, think about what is important to you. Do you want a low-maintenance floor? One that is durable and will last for years? How about style and visual appeal? Maybe all of these factors are important to you.

Consider your budget and how the space will be used. While budget is important, epoxy floor coating is affordable and superior to polished concrete in many ways. Speaking to a knowledgeable Maryland epoxy floor professional from Prestige Floor Coating can help you make the right decision for your space.  

Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coating?

While there are a multitude of reasons to choose epoxy floor coating, below are five great reasons to choose epoxy floor coating over polished concrete:

  • Epoxy floor coatings are extremely low-maintenance and are extra resistant to germs and bacteria. For those with allergies, epoxy flooring reduces allergens, mold, and mites.  This makes it an ideal choice for residential applications as well as commercial applications like medical facilities.    

  • Epoxy is durable and long-lasting. Epoxy floor coating will significantly outlast polished concrete. Concrete finished with an epoxy coating is an excellent choice for durable, yet affordable flooring. Epoxy coatings have a hardener and a resin that is mixed and applied to the concrete. This creates a super-strong, chemically resistant surface that can withstand virtually any level or type of use. Epoxy floor coatings are impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant, and typically last more than twenty years.

  • Epoxy floor coatings have greater visual appeal than polished concrete. If you have spent time and money choosing the most attractive garage cabinets and shelves, you do not want to put them on a boring concrete floor. Epoxy coatings come in a stunning array of colors and patterns. You will have no trouble finding one that exactly suits your style.

  • Epoxy flooring is more environmentally friendly. Epoxy floors are made with solvent-free chemicals, so there are no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs emit dangerous gasses into the environment which can be harmful to humans. Epoxy floors will help you save on energy costs as well. Epoxy coatings increase light reflectivity by as much as 300 percent, which reduces lighting requirements. Finally, there is much less waste in epoxy flooring over tile and concrete, which is better for the environment.   

  • Epoxy floors can even be safer than other types of flooring, thanks to the installation process. Epoxy is applied in a continuous pouring process, making it completely seamless. There are no grout lines to trip over like there are with a tile floor, and even better, epoxy flooring provides a “cushioning” effect that concrete does not have. If you spend a significant amount of time in the space where the epoxy floor will be, you will have much less strain and fatigue on your ankles and feet because of this cushion. Epoxy flooring also comes in slip-proof coatings, making it even less likely that you will slip and fall.  

Contact a Baltimore, MD Epoxy Flooring Professional from Prestige Floor Coating

When you are choosing a new floor for your home, Prestige Floor Coating has a huge selection of top-of-the-line epoxy coatings for your garage, basement, or other areas. Epoxy flooring is aesthetically appealing and will complement your space with an appearance that can range from industrial to luxurious—and everything in between. We have been in business since 1996 and have a stellar reputation. We offer many options and colors, ensuring you will get an epoxy floor you will love now and for many years to come.  Contact a Maryland epoxy floor coating professional Prestige Floor Coatingat 443-519-2628 today to get started on your new epoxy floor.  

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