Acid Etching vs Grinding

When it comes to preparing your garage floor for coating it is important to get it right. You may have heard of grinding and acid etching but do you know what each one entails? This post will help you learn what the difference is, tackling some of the pros and cons.

Grinding vs Acid Etching

Mechanical Grinding

Preparation is key to getting a great floor. When it comes to floor coatings, grinding is generally the best choice. This is because there is more control when grinding a surface and the professional preparing your floor can get the exact texture they need. Texture is important when it comes to applying a floor coating as it the proper texture can be the difference between a bond that lasts a lifetime and one that fails shortly after installation.

If you are doing your own floor work you may feel like grinding the floor is a big hassle. You will need to think about renting the right equipment, how to know you have the right texture and how you control the dust. It can also be a pricey option to go the DIY route, especially if you do it yourself only to find you did not get the right profile and the epoxy won’t adhere.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we always start every project by grinding your surface down to a clean, well-profiled surface ideal for coating adhesion.

Acid Etching

Many homeowners will choose acid etching when it comes to preparation for two reasons,  it is easier and it is cheaper. In fact, the cost alone will draw DIYers and uneducated floor preparers. Acid etching essentially works by creating a chemical reaction with the concrete, dissolving some of the substrate itself, creating a textured surface that is better for adhesion.

Acid etching can sometimes be effective, and is certainly a better option than powerwashing, but it does not provide the same benefits as a mechanical grind.

Correct Preparation is Vital

Correct preparation is key when preparing your floor for a new coating. Finding a team of professionals may seem more expensive up front but it can often save you a lot of money in the long run. Many DIY projects fail in a short period of time, leading homeowners to call professionals to do the job correctly. This leads to you paying for the flooring solution you want three times. First for the DIY kit, second in the form of higher floor preparation costs for coating removal, and a third time for professional installation.

Professional Installation in the Mid-Atlantic

If you are looking for a team of flooring professionals that will get the job done right the first time, contact Prestige Flooring today. We care about your floors so much we have created a proprietary coating that was formulated for the Baltimore area.

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