Are Floor Coatings Safe for Kitchens?

Safety is always the buzzword in the kitchen, both at home and at restaurants and commercial kitchens. Maintaining a safe kitchen involves overseeing lots of variables, from pests and germs to slips and falls. In more ways than one, kitchen flooring sets the foundation for safety.

There’s a reason why food safety experts recommend floor coatings to prevent slips and falls in kitchens. These are the most common injuries to restaurant workers, and they’re more preventable than you might think. Mats and chef shoes aren’t enough when what you really need is a better kitchen floor coating.

Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings for Kitchens

The best kind of anti-skid floors prevent that “slippery when wet” effect that keeps kitchen staff on their toes. At the same time, you don’t want a floor that simply repels water and creates puddles of grease or water.

The kitchen floor coatings we use have customized levels of anti-skid protection that are perfect for your kitchen. A slightly rough texture also ensures that spills do not create dangerous slipping hazards.

Kitchen Flooring for Hygiene and Cleanliness

Many kitchens have tile, stone, or brick floors. This is more hygienic than carpet, but that’s about the best you can say. Grout traps smelly bacteria, while tile and stone are prone to cracks, which creates spaces for mildew to grow. 

The safest and best solution for kitchen flooring may in fact be concrete reinforced with a polymer coating.With a floor coating that creates a smoother, more even surface, it’s easier to mop effectively. With nowhere for germs to hide, your standard disinfectants can do a better job and leave less filth behind.

Do Kitchen Floor Coatings Emit Toxic Fumes?

When you’re choosing a kitchen floor coating, you also need to plan for how long it takes to dry and whether toxic fumes will be involved. Some polyurethane and other types of floor coatings emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can take weeks to dry. We install coatings that are VOC-free and install in just days.

Need a floor coating for a concrete kitchen floor in Baltimore or elsewhere on the East Coast? Contact us at Prestige Floor Coating to get a free estimate for safe, hygienic, non-slip kitchen floor coatings.

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