Are Garage Floor Coatings Waterproof?

Two words instill fear in the hearts of homeowners everywhere: water damage. Your concrete garage floor may seem like a tough surface that can handle harsh conditions, but it’s also a place where water can seep through the cracks, threatening your foundation and home. Waterproof garage floor coatings do exist, and they’re a great way to protect your property.

Not All Waterproof Floor Coatings Are Equal

Let’s think about what “waterproof” really means to you. Many kinds of epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane floor coatings can be described as waterproof, and there are also waterproof floor paints. However, what if the waterproofing only lasts a year or two?

Also, cheap waterproofing can actually be dangerous. Pooled water in the garage Acan lead to nasty slips and falls. Better garage floor coatings are formulated to embrace moisture and have an anti-skid top coat for safety. The do-it-yourself epoxy kits do not come with anti-skid.

Waterproof Garage Floor Coatings

What you really want is an advanced formula epoxy floor coating that protects the concrete as a membrane. The result is a stronger, more resilient, more water-resistant garage floor.

Here’s why you get better waterproofing from a professionally installed, commercial-grade garage floor coating:

  • Start with a prepped surface: It’s highly crucial that your coating goes onto clean concrete that has been ground into a porous surface so that the coating will bond and cure properly.
  • Molecular bonding: We start with a bonding coat so the entire coating system works with and becomes part of the garage floor. Paint and cheap coatings are just a thin layer sitting on top.
  • 100% solids, multi-layer floor coating: We don’t use pre-mixed compounds or water-based solvents.
  • Protective, anti-skid top coat: The final layer adds extra waterproofing, protects the coating from scratches and cracks that let water in, and also prevents a “slippery when wet” effect.

Maryland Garage Floor Coatings

Looking for a garage floor coating that not only looks better, but provides real protection for you and your home? Prestige Floor Coating installs state-of-the-art garage floor coatings with a superior, proprietary formula that is not affected by moisture or humidity.

Contact us for more info about floor coatings in Maryland.

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