Best Time of Year to Install a Garage Floor Coating?

Weather affects the ease of installation for a garage floor coating, as well as how long it takes to cure. As you might expect, epoxy and other floor coatings install faster in warmer temperatures. Can you apply a garage floor coating in winter? Should you wait for the hottest days of summer? These are great questions to be asking.

The process takes a couple days even in perfect conditions. So, if you’re interested in the fastest installation and drying time, you’ll probably want to schedule it for spring, summer, or fall.

To be more precise:

  • The ideal temperature for installing a garage floor is around 75º F.
  • Pro floor coating installers can easily work in 50º to 90º F.
  • The concrete temperature matters more than the outside air.
  • Space heaters can warm up the concrete in preparation for winter floor coating installation.
  • Humidity slightly slows the curing process, so warm days without extremely high humidity levels are best.

Don’t worry if you have heard that garage floor coatings can’t be installed in winter. This advice only really applies to amateur installation of DIY products, which are not as advanced as a professional coating.

Prestige Floor Coating custom formulates each and every application. The exact epoxy and polymer solutions are specified for the current forecast, the moisture content of your concrete, and other variables. This makes it possible for us to install a garage floor coating in most any conditions, with little change to the curing time.

Installing a Garage Floor Coating in Cold or Hot Weather

When the temperature reaches into the 90s, an epoxy coating will cure faster. However, this also makes it more difficult to apply a DIY epoxy kit and get smooth results. Experienced installers can work in hot weather and produce a streak-free coating with consistent thickness and chip distribution.

In frigid weather, there’s still thermal energy in the air, so the epoxy will cure. But assuming you want to walk and drive on your concrete as soon as possible, it’s more important to have a custom floor coating installed by pros.

Garage Floor Coatings In Maryland

Contact Prestige Floor Coating today to schedule a garage floor coating installation at a time that’s convenient for you in Maryland and throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

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