Can Epoxy Floor Coatings Be Applied to Linoleum?

Epoxy floor coatings, typically used on concrete, can also be applied to other surfaces such as linoleum tiles and floor panels. The process involves some special prep work, and the results will definitely not be as strong or long-lasting as epoxy on concrete. However, if you have damaged floors and it seems impossible or undesirable to remove the linoleum, an epoxy floor coating can make a workable solution.

There are a few issues to note about using epoxy coatings on linoleum. For starters:

  • If there’s a concrete subfloor, you should remove the linoleum instead.
  • Preparation is key to any floor coating. Epoxy is not a paint; it’s a solution that bonds to the surface—but only if the surface is prepared properly. Linoleum has a waxy surface that must be heavily sanded.
  • Coated linoleum can still come up from the subfloor. No coating can fix a loose or buckled floor or detached tiles.
  • DIY epoxy coatings should not be used on linoleum. These products are ready-made solutions meant for concrete. Talk to a floor coating installer about custom epoxy formulas for your application.

Will Epoxy Floor Coating Stick to Linoleum?

If you have a linoleum floor and really want to coat it with epoxy as a DIY project, you would need to rent a professional-grade sanding machine or diamond grinder. Without this step, the epoxy will not adhere! You’d be left with brittle epoxy that bubbles and cracks.

Are you trying to hide the linoleum or cover up damage? If so, you are better off removing the linoleum. Professionally installed concrete floor coatings look stylish and can last a lifetime.

Prestige Floor Coating can help with floor resurfacing. We use a diamond grinding process on concrete floors, so we’re starting with the ideal surface for a floor coating. 

After prepping the concrete, we apply a primer coat, polymer coat, color chips or other textural designs, and multiple clear coats for protection. The result is stronger than concrete, more durable, and certainly more attractive than old linoleum.

Prestige Floor Coatings in Maryland

We’ve covered millions of square feet with our proprietary floor coatings that are 800 times stronger than concrete alone. Wave goodbye to your linoleum with a real upgrade—call us or contact us online today for a free estimate.

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