Can Epoxy Floor Coatings Be Applied to Ceramic Tiles?

The word “epoxy” can refer to a wide variety of substances, some of which are appropriate sealers or paints for ceramic tile floors and some that aren’t. A real epoxy floor coating should not be applied to ceramic tiles. Ceramic does not have the right texture for epoxy coatings, and even if you sand it down, there are still adhesion and durability issues on tile and grout.

For the best results, you should remove the ceramic tile and apply epoxy floor coating to the concrete below.

What About Tile Paint or Garage Floor Epoxy on Ceramic Tile?

There are tile paint products that are designed to work with ceramic tile. These products do what they do well enough—but they’re not the same as an epoxy floor coating. You’ll have tile and grout painted one color, much like the look of painted brick. Also, the paint will chip and peel as any paint does. You’re not getting an epoxy coating that strengthens the floor and resists scratching and fading.

You can also find “one coat epoxy” at the hardware store. It sounds convenient, but the fact that it’s only a one-part formula means that you aren’t getting the primer coat and clear coat finish. These products may outperform paint, but not by much on ceramic tile.

Professional Epoxy Coatings for Ceramic Tile Floors

Epoxy adheres best to rough, sanded surfaces. The smooth, sleek surface of ceramic tile would have to be destroyed before applying epoxy. We can diamond-grind the floor, but it’s usually better to remove the tile completely.

Once your ceramic tile has been removed to expose the concrete ground below, you’re ready for a long-term solution. Our advanced polymer coatings do not require an acid etch, and in fact, there are no VOCs or toxic fumes whatsoever. Prestige Floor Coating bonds with the concrete, creating a rubberized membrane that resists germs and water. It’s actually stronger than concrete by itself!

Check out our epoxy coating color samples to see how we can transform your floor into something much more attractive.

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