Can Garage Floor Coatings Be Customized?

When picking a garage floor coating, color options are only the beginning. Customization is one of the best reasons to apply a coating rather than a simple epoxy paint or an acid stain.

There are at least five ways you can customize a garage floor coating:

  • Color coatings
  • Chips or flakes
  • Metallic shimmer
  • Skid-resistance
  • Indoor or open-air locations

Many More Colors than a Crayon Box

With a custom garage floor coating, you are not limited to a handful of color choices. Off-the-shelf epoxy kits only come in a limited variety, while acid stains are generally limited to earthy tones.

This is possible because coatings involve multiple layers (ours include up to five layers). More than 500 color options can be added, including a color primer and color coat so you get the true hue that you want. 

Traditional garage floor coating colors are often shades of grey or tan, but you can also choose something a bit unexpected, such as emerald green or plum purple. If you can imagine a color, we probably have it.

Garage Floor Coatings with Color Chips

Before the coating cures, colorful chips or flakes may be added for even more color and design customization. We can produce a textured stone look, such as granite or terrazzo tile.

Custom chips for garage floor coatings can also complement a decor theme or company branding. Think sports team floor coatings, with color and flakes that mimic the Ravens or Redskins, or an auto shop floor coating that matches the corporate logo colors.

Custom Floor Coatings for Better Performance

Whether it’s your home garage where you like to do woodworking or a car dealership showroom with a subtle mirror effect, different people have different needs for a garage floor coating. When you get a custom coating, the multi-layer polymers can be adjusted for the performance you want.

Prestige Floor Coating makes garage coatings that are ideal for the Mid-Atlantic climate, so temperature changes and humidity from outdoor air will not affect the durability or longevity of the coating. We can also adjust the level of skid-resistance so it suits any safety or comfort needs.

Ready to customize a garage floor coating in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or the surrounding region?

Contact us for a free estimate and tell us what you have in mind!

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