How to Clean Your Epoxy Floor

If you’re wondering how to clean your epoxy floor or looking for a low-maintenance concrete floor coating, you’re in luck. Epoxy floors might not clean themselves, but it almost seems that way.

Dust mopping or broom sweeping takes care of the vast majority of your epoxy floor cleaning needs. Retail stores might do this on a daily or weekly basis, while homeowners will probably want to clean their coated concrete only when something has spilled or you see dust bunnies.

Here’s all you need to clean epoxy floors:

  • Foam or sponge mop
  • Push broom
  • Dust mop
  • pH-neutral cleaner
  • Bucket for diluting the cleaner
  • Paper towels or cloths to pick up spilled liquids

Routine Cleaning for Epoxy Floors

To keep up the good looks of your epoxy, we do recommend regular dust mopping or sweeping. Repeatedly walking on dirt or gritty debris could eventually scratch the top coat or dull the shine.

For spot cleaning, most spills and auto fluids will pick right up with a paper towel. Whenever you want to sanitize the epoxy floors, simply dilute some mild cleaning solution with a gallon or two of water and mop the floors.

Neutral pH cleaners work best for epoxy coatings. Heavily acidic (vinegar or citrus) or alkaline (ammonia-based ) cleaners might cause cosmetic damage. If you do need to use ammonia or vinegar, dilute a half cup with a gallon of water.

If the floor ever feels sticky or slippery after cleaning, mop it with plain water and let dry.

Cleaning and Preventing Stains

Don’t panic if you accidentally spill something on your floor. After all, epoxy coatings hold up to use in places like auto shops, veterinary clinics, and commercial kitchens.

Towel or mop up what you can, then use a sponge to gently scrub any dirty or stained area. You can use a regular kitchen sponge, or a sponge mop or squeegee for larger floors.

Always stick with a neutral-pH cleaner when available. Scrubbing hard with an aggressive cleaner could leave etching or a worn spot.

Is It Normal for Epoxy Coatings to Chip or Peel?

Properly installed, industrial-strength epoxy floor coatings should not chip or peel. We are able to offer a lifetime warranty for residential use (and a two-year commercial warranty) because we use high-quality epoxy resins and install them carefully.

Epoxy coatings purchased from the hardware store might fail due to heavy foot traffic, automotive use, chemical spills, or harsh cleaning. Consumer epoxy products are not as strong, and just as importantly, they don’t adhere as well if you did not have a professional grind the concrete before application.

If your epoxy floors are heavily stained, wearing thin, or beginning to peel, ask Prestige Floor Coating about installing a more durable and easy-to-clean coating. Contact us to request more info about epoxy floor coating in Maryland or the surrounding states.

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