Are DIY Floor Coating Kits Worth It?

If you are wondering how you can fix your concrete floor you may be considering a DIY kit, there are many of these kits out on the market and because they are so available this can make them seem like a good option. The price of these kits may also lure home and business owners to purchase a DIY kit as they can seem like a very affordable option.

Advantages of DIY Floor Coating Kits?

The advantages of these kits may be the ease of purchase and the price point however, there are a lot of disadvantages that you should consider before purchasing one of these kits.

Disadvantages of DIY Floor Coating Kits?

These DIY kits that you can purchase from home improvement stores or online are often water based epoxy kits that come in a small range of colors. They often come with a cleaning solution for the concrete, this cleaning solution may help clean up some of the grime on your garage floor but it will not smooth out floors or help repair cracks and chips in your concrete floors, therefore you are painting on top of an unprepared floor and this will likely leave the floors looking less than perfect.

The difference between a DIY epoxy kit and a professional epoxy floor job is that the kits are often a blend of epoxy rather than a full 100% industrial strength product. The water in the mix acts as the carrier agent allowing it to be applied easily. The problem with this is that this mix only provides you with half of the protection that you would get from an industrial grade epoxy mix and this can lead to peeling and fading within weeks of applying the paint.

Another disadvantage to a DIY kit is that you are only getting one coat. When a professional applies a coat to your floor you are getting three coats minimum therefore, a professional floor coating job will give you floors that look better and are better protected.

Professional Floor Coatings by Prestige

For a quick and easy job these DIY kits can be useful, however if you are looking to protect your concrete floors for many years to come and you want them to look good, hiring a professional is a better option. Remember when thinking about price, it may seem that the DIY kits are a much more affordable option, but if they only last a few weeks and you have to consistently reapply paint, a professional floor coating application can be the financially savvy option.

If you would like to know more about having your concrete floors professionally finished, contact the team at Prestige, we can help you choose the right floor coating for your unique needs.

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