How Long Do Pool Deck Floor Coatings Last?

Any floor coating must endure foot traffic, cleaning products, and the occasional spill. Outdoors, a coating contends with the weather, too. And on pool decks, you also have chlorine and other water treatment chemicals that can eat away at certain sealants and coatings. Needless to say, different products will have shorter or longer lifespans.

Pool deck coatings that bond with the concrete — rather than simply sitting on top like paint — last the longest. That’s why the special polymer hybrids developed by Prestige Floor Coating are designed to bond at the molecular level. You want strengthened concrete, not a separate barrier that cracks or peels over time.

When used as a swimming pool deck floor coating, here’s the lifespan for each option:

  • Acrylic sealers — reapply once per year
  • Silane/siloxane penetrating sealers — reapply every few years
  • Urethane or polyurethane — reapply at least every 10 years
  • Epoxy coatings — reapply at least every 10 years

Can Polymer Coatings Really Last a Lifetime?

We like to say that the only way Prestige coatings can be removed is by removing the concrete itself. That’s true because our polymer compounds bond with the concrete. Prestige Polymers seek out the moisture inside the concrete and form a molecular bond.

Of course, a coating will perform differently in various locations. Prestige Floor Coating products are formulated specifically for the East Coast climate, making them resilient in our Mid-Atlantic weather. We have custom formulations for outdoor use and for swimming pool decks specifically.

The result: a pool deck concrete coating that lasts multiple years. At Prestige Floor Coatings we offer a 2-year warranty for our pool deck coatings that resist scratching, impact damage, and UV fading, as well as the effects of swimming pool chemicals and outdoor weather.

Cleaning & Maintenance for Pool Deck Floor Coatings

With many other kinds of sealers and coatings, maintenance can be difficult or annoying because of how frequently you need to reapply. In some cases, the product works fine at first and requires little cleaning — but eventually a urethane or epoxy seal can actually trap moisture in the concrete and cause it to crack and break sooner.

Prestige Polymers can be cleaned with a broom, hose, or mop. The only cleaning product you need would be a simple vinegar-water solution. Food and drink stains can be cleaned as you see fit, thanks to the strong polymer bond that can’t be undone.

Pool Deck Floor Coatings in MD, DC & VA

Make your life easier by staying away from cheap products that need to be reapplied frequently. For a longer lasting solution, consider the advanced science behind Prestige Floor Coating polymers. We install a better alternative for pool deck floor coatings in Baltimore, Maryland and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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