How Long do Epoxy Floors Last?

One of the wisest and most popular home improvement applications of the last 3 decades has been epoxy flooring.  Epoxy preserves your concrete floor, prevents slip and fall accidents, keeps your garage, basement, patio, sunroom, or wherever you decide to install it, clean and looking good.  But not all epoxy floor coatings are the same, and many homeowners find this out too late, regrettably, ending up with cracked coating, blistering, flaking and shrinkage.

Extend Your Floor’s Life With Professional Epoxy Installation

When you opt for epoxy floor coating that’s a DIY project, or sounds too good to be true, you can expect to replace your floor coating, and correct any damages to your concrete, within 2-10 years of application.  That’s not a very good return on your investment and, frankly, a waste of your time and effort.

Prestige Floor Coating is the industry leader in resin floor coatings for your concrete floors.  At Prestige, we have our own team of chemists who’ve worked to perfect floor coating for both commercial and residential applications.  Our coatings are specially formalized to bond to your concrete, creating a barrier that’s as impervious to threats as it is lovely.

Industrial Grade Quality

As the floor coating industry began to take shape, about thirty years ago, consumers found these protective agents to be a good idea, in theory, but not as durable, or long-lasting as they had hoped. Garage floors still suffered chips and cracks, and basement flooring was just as vulnerable to temperature changes, and patios and pool decks were even more slippery.

When Prestige Floor Coating was founded, we sought to create a floor covering that would protect your garage, seal and enhance your basement floor, and make it safe for your family and friends to trod the surface of your deck or patio. This floor coating also needed to stand up to the diverse weather conditions experienced here, on the east coast.  Scorching heat and humidity, intense rain, hail, snow and ice, couldn’t pose a threat if this flooring was going to hold up.

Industry Leading Floor Coatings

With over 2 million square feet of concrete floors in and around Maryland, and years of use, our floors have withstood the test of time, the threat of damage, and intense weather, and come out looking just as lovely, clean, and unblemished as they did upon installation.  Our list of satisfied homeowners grows daily and our customer service is unmatched.

Schedule a Floor Coating Estimate Today

For a floor coating that lasts decades, protects your concrete, and comes in a variety of colors and styles, you need Prestige Floor Coating.  We’re so confident in our superior floor coating, we provide all residential customers with a lifetime warranty against peeling.  If you’d like more information, or a quote on your residential project, contact Prestige Floor Coating today.

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The floor looks great, the guys are good workers, professional and very courteous. I appreciated having them here.

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