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How Long Will Epoxy Floors Last?

 Posted on September 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

Before you empty your garage to get a floor coating put down, you should make sure you’re getting a solution that will last a long time. Nobody wants to see brittle flakes of paint peeling up just months after they’ve had their concrete painted. Fortunately, there’s a better solution than paint. Epoxy floors can last years or even decades—with the right preparation and installation.

Epoxy Floor Lifespan

We can all agree that when we talk about how long an epoxy floor lasts, we mean how long before it needs to be replaced. In other words, at what point will it be dulled, stained, peeled, or chipped so badly that you want a mulligan?

Professional-strength epoxy floors are thick, multi-layered, and formulated to be resilient against chemicals, grease, humidity, and high-impact force. Whereas a floor paint will wear down and crack from the friction of car tires or peel and fade due to weather and age, an epoxy floor can fight off these elements for many, many years.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we’re so sure of our product that we provide a lifetime warranty for residential use. For commercial applications, we provide a generous 2-year warranty to ensure that the product has been formulated and installed correctly for the environment at your business.

Why Do Epoxy Floors Last Longer?

You might be wondering if an epoxy floor coating can really last a lifetime. The short answer is that epoxy floors really can last for decades or more when installed correctly.

These factors will help determine how long your epoxy floors really last:

  • Preparation: Concrete should be cleaned, repaired, and diamond-ground in order to get the best, most even application. Prestige Floor Coating does not require acid etching, however.
  • Moisture levels: A technician should measure moisture levels in the concrete and air and optimize the bonding coat for the surface.
  • Multiple layers: A one-part paint or two-part epoxy kit from the store will not bond and create the rubberized membrane and a strengthened surface of a real epoxy floor. Careful installation of the polymers and epoxy resins ensures the best longevity.
  • Simple upkeep: Maintenance for an epoxy floor consists of simple sweeping and mopping. Removing dirt, grit, and spilled liquids will help keep up the aesthetics and surface quality.

In other words, not all epoxy floors will last a lifetime. There are corner-cutting products out there with “epoxy” in the name that have epoxy resin included in the formula but are not actual epoxy floor coatings. Read the fine print, check the reviews, and ask your installer questions before making a final decision!

Contact us to learn more about pricing and the installation process for an epoxy floor coating with a lifetime warranty in MD, VA, PA, and DE.

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