How Much Should Garage Floor Coatings Cost?

Whether you are looking to protect your garage floor or you are just looking to beautify it you may be pondering if the price is worth it. How much your garage floor coating will cost depends on a few things that we will explore in this post.

How Much Should Garage Floor Coating Cost?

You may have seen the DIY coating or painting sets in a home improvement store for what appears to be a really good price, however there is a difference in what you are getting when it comes to professional vs DIY. The other thing to consider is that there are different levels of skill and expertise when it comes to floor coating, so while one company may appear significantly cheaper you may be getting an inferior product that will end up costing you more in the ends as you repeatedly apply and reapply these products.

Professional Floor Coating Cost

On average, a good floor coating company will charge somewhere between $5 to $8 a foot, this price will depend on what type of coating you choose for your floor. When you pay this price you should expect to have an expert coat your floors, you should also expect correct floor preparation. This floor preparation is vital to how good your floor will look and how long the coating will last. Good preparation won’t just include cleaning your floor with a specialized solution, it should also include grinding, preferably with a diamond grinder, and repair of cracks and other imperfections that may show through under the coating.

Another difference between a professional and a sub-par floor coating contractor is the products they use. While you may see an offer for floor coating below $4 a square foot, it is likely this job will be completed with low-grade products that will chip and peel quickly, leaving you right back where you started–or even worse off than you were before. In addition to this, your floor should receive at least two layers of protection in addition to the coating.

If you are looking for a high-quality floor coating that won’t need to be reapplied on a regular basis, costing you more each time, find a good contractor who uses industrial grade products and has a strong reputation in your local area.

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The team at Prestige Floor Coating can help coat your floors with industrial grade products that will leave your floors looking new. Contact our team of floor coating experts today for more information.

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