How to Fix a Slippery Pool Deck

You can tell the kids not to run around the swimming pool, but accidents will still happen if you don’t maintain a proper slip-resistant surface. Concrete, stone, tile, wood, and composite materials will all have some level of slipperiness when used as a pool deck. The best way to fix a slippery pool deck is to add some kind of permanent texture.

A pool deck floor coating can be applied to concrete and many other surfaces to add slip-resistance and make the surface easier to keep clean.

Refinish a Slippery Pool Deck

Anti-slip coatings can be applied to concrete and other kinds of pool decks. There are DIY products out there, but these tend to get eaten away by the chlorine and chemicals in pool water. This creates the risk that someone will slip and fall toward the end of the summer, and you’ll have to reapply annually just to keep the coating working at all.

The better solution is to refinish your pool deck with a coating that includes an anti-slip finish. There’s more work upfront—a professional will need to sand or grind the surface and repair cracks—but the quality of your pool deck coating will be much stronger and longer-lasting.

At Prestige Floor Coating, we use an advanced, multi-layer formula that makes the pool deck coating bond with the concrete. The coating can last a lifetime and make the pool deck far less slippery for many, many years.

Replace a Wood Deck with Concrete

When a wood pool deck feels slippery when wet, you probably have some algae growing in the wood. The woodgrain has probably been softened, flattened, and covered by stains and sealers several times. 

You can sand a wooden pool deck and then apply a non-slip coating. However, if the wood is also cracked, splintering, or damaged by mold, moss, or algae, it might be time to replace the deck entirely. Consider replacing the wood deck with concrete or stamped concrete tiles—then ask us about a pool deck coating that adds superior slip-resistance.

Pool Deck Floor Coatings in Maryland

Prestige Floor Coating installs pool deck coatings in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We use an epoxy-based coating that has been formulated specifically for outdoor use in the Mid-Atlantic climate. The result is a seamless, safe, and attractive pool deck coating with strong slip-resistance.

Want a pool deck that doesn’t feel slippery when wet? Our coatings embrace moisture! You can choose the level of anti-skid resistance for the texture and safety you want.

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