How to Maintain High Traffic Floors

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When it comes to high-traffic floors, maintenance can often present an issue. Your flooring is one of the first things someone subconsciously notices, thus influencing the first impressions your space makes.

Epoxy floor coatings will give your floors a polished, glossy look that provides superior protection. But, over time, dirt and debris from heavy foot or machinery traffic can act as an abrasive and wear down the protective outer layers of the epoxy.

Too much foot traffic can leave your floors looking dull, dirty, and unappealing and affect the overall safety of your floors. But, with minimal maintenance and care, you can protect the stunning beauty of your floors and enhance performance. Here’s what you should know about how to maintain high-traffic floors. 

Routine Cleaning

When it comes to high-traffic areas, a moderate amount of upkeep will be needed. For commercial and industrial spaces, epoxy floors should be swept daily. For residential applications in high-traffic areas, sweeping your floors weekly should be sufficient. 

This will help to prevent dirt and foreign objects from damaging the floor or posing safety hazards to your family, guests, and employees. With the use of a microfiber dust mop, you can grab, trap, and lock in dirt instantly, making cleaning quicker and easier than ever. 

Commercial high-traffic areas should also be mopped using a string or wet microfiber mop at least once a week. Residential flooring can be mopped on a monthly basis. Opt for a neutral cleaner once every two-four weeks for a deeper clean.

It’s important to avoid soap-based cleaners as these can leave a hazy film on the surface of your floors. You should also steer clear of acidic cleaners that use citrus or vinegar which can damage the high-gloss top coat of your flooring. 

Spot Cleaning

Spills should always be cleaned up immediately, regardless of what type of setting, as this can pose serious safety hazards. In addition, depending on the type of spill, acidic- and chemical-based spills can interact with the epoxy coating and cause permanent stains and damage. 

Taking quick and easy steps to maintain the epoxy floor coating in your residential or commercial high-traffic areas will help to protect your investment for years to come.

By maintaining your high-traffic floors you can be sure your space will continue to benefit from the stunning aesthetics and superior performance of your epoxy floor coating. 

If you have questions on how to maintain your high-traffic flooring or would like to schedule your free estimate, contact us today! 

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