Professional Floor Coatings vs. DIY Kits

Floor coatings can be purchased in kits at hardware stores, so you would assume that they make a sensible DIY project. On the other hand, there’s obviously a reason people pay professionals to install garage floor coatings. So, is it just a matter of convenience, or do you “get what you pay for?”

First of all, professional floor coatings use advanced polymer compounds. The DIY kits use one or two layers of epoxy or urethane. Comparing the two includes considering more factors besides ease of application. 

Pros and Cons of DIY Floor Coatings

As you might expect, DIY floor paint kits or epoxy kits can be purchased for relatively cheap. If you’re uninterested in spending money on home improvement, you can save money upfront with DIY kits.

Unfortunately, these kits are not the easy weekend project you might imagine.

To summarize the disadvantages of DIY epoxy kits:

  • Prepping the concrete is difficult. You also need to rent a grinder or sander to prep the concrete.
  • It’s also difficult to get the look you expect. Spreading evenly and distributing the color chips uniformly takes skill and experience.
  • They often last just a year or two. How often do you want to remove everything from your garage, grind the concrete, and go through this process?
  • They’re not professional quality. Even in a home garage or basement that sees little action, a DIY coating will chip, crack, peel, yellow, and break down very quickly.

Why Professional Floor Coatings?

Industrial-strength concrete floor coatings from a professional team are not just the easier way, but also the better way. When you bring in Prestige Floor Coating, our service:

  • Includes the prep work of grinding, repairing cracks and divots, etc. 
  • Uses a multi-layered approach for greater durability
  • Customized for your specific application after testing the concrete
  • Strengthens the concrete, not just coats it
  • Resists slipperiness when wet
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • UV protection from fading
  • Allows for customizable color and chips
  • Emits no VOCs
  • Comes with a lifetime residential warranty

Prestige Floor Coatings in Maryland

For a floor coating that strengthens your concrete and provides a showroom-quality appearance, you need to go pro. Contact us online to get a free estimate for professional floor coatings in Maryland or the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

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