Bathroom Floor Coatings In Alexandria, VA

Bathroom Floor Coating
Keeping a clean bathroom gets a lot easier when you have surfaces that resist germs and stains. Prestige Floor Coating is your solution for commercial bathroom floor coatings in Alexandria, VA, using a proprietary formula that we fine-tuned for durable performance in high-traffic areas like a public restroom.

Our bathroom floor coating was developed by chemists to bond with concrete at the molecular level. The result is a stronger, more resilient, easier to clean concrete floor that can be easily mopped. And of course, that means a healthier, better smelling, cleaner looking bathroom.

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Home and Commercial Bathroom Floor Coatings in Alexandria, VA

At Prestige Floor Coating, we can adjust our unique concrete floor coating formula to suit any application. Office bathrooms and restrooms at shopping centers and public buildings all need extreme durability and a safe, slip-resistant surface. 

For a home bathroom with a concrete floor, our coating will outperform those DIY kits and offer far superior protection compared to an acid stain. For commercial use, our bathroom floor coating delivers an easy-clean solution for concrete flooring that’s as beautiful as any tile.

Benefits of Bathroom Floor Coating in Alexandria, VA

Our floor coatings are a long-term solution that solves an immediate problem. Alexandria businesses and property managers will be glad for choosing our bathroom floor coatings for these reasons and more:

  • Industrial strength floor coating
  • Not just a seal—it bonds with the concrete molecules
  • 2-year commercial warranty, lifetime residential warranty
  • Makes concrete 800% stronger
  • Odorless and with no VOC emissions
  • Stain and abrasion resistant
  • Easier to clean

Prestige Floor Coating for Bathrooms in Alexandria, VA

We serve Northern Virginia and the entire D.C. region and beyond with commercial grade floor coatings that not only protect concrete but also make it more attractive and easier to clean. We’ve served over 40,000 customers with great service and guaranteed quality. 

For your next bathroom floor coating installation in Alexandria, request a free estimate or call 443-519-COAT today.


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