Bathroom Floor Coatings In Annandale, VA

Bathroom Floor Coating
So many public bathrooms have worn out, stained floors despite all the aggressive cleaning. That’s because these bathrooms have tile floors with dirty grout, or else porous stone or concrete that is filled with germs. The better solution is an advanced concrete floor coating for bathrooms. Annandale businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other buildings can get the best results from Prestige Floor Coating.

Contact us today to find out more about how our Annandale bathroom floor coatings make it easier to clean and prevent stains!

How Our Bathroom Floor Coatings Work

We developed a concrete floor coating for bathrooms specifically, to be capable of withstanding all the traffic, water spills, cleaners, and everything else that goes on in a shared bathroom. 

Prestige Floor Coating for bathrooms creates a molecular bond, not just a coating on top. The new coated bathroom floor at your Annandale business will be:

  • Industrial strength
  • Stain resistant
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • 800% stronger than plain concrete
  • Not slippery when wet

Superior Bathroom Floor Coatings in Annandale, VA

For a commercial bathroom floor coating, you can expect easier cleaning and a great appearance that lasts. Routine cleaning with a vinegar or soap solution will work wonderfully. The improved upkeep may well make the bathroom floor at your Annandale office smell better, because the coating stops germs from getting trapped.

We provide a 2-year warranty, during which time we will replace the entire floor if it cracks or peels. Your Annandale bathroom floor coating will last a lot longer than two years, but that’s ample time to see that the installation was a success.

Unlike a standard polyurethane or polyaspartic floor coating, the Prestige Floor Coating formula does not require acid washing. We do not use volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so there’s no harmful emissions.

Schedule an Estimate for Bathroom Floor Coatings in Annandale, VA

Our bathroom floor coatings have built-in strength and durability to make this an extremely wise investment for any organization in Annandale or the Northern Virginia area. View our color samples to see how customized and stylish the new floor can be!

When you’re ready, contact us by phone or online to request a free estimate for bathroom floor coatings in Annandale, VA or throughout Fairfax County.


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