Bathroom Floor Coatings In Baltimore, MD

Bathroom Floor Coating
People don’t think much about bathroom floors unless they are stained or dirty. Then, it becomes an issue noticed by employees, visitors, and customers alike. With the right commercial bathroom floor coating, your Baltimore business can enjoy a cleaner look, better hygiene, and simpler maintenance. 

Prestige Floor Coating guarantees that your bathroom floor coating won’t chip or crack. We make concrete last far longer than tile, linoleum, or other options. With amazing stain resistance and easy cleaning, it’s a no-brainer to choose our Baltimore bathroom floor coatings.

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Our Baltimore Bathroom Floor Coating Process

Prestige Floor Coating uses a multi-layered approach to make bathroom floors 800% stronger than plain concrete, with an elastic membrane that resists dirt and grime. Rather than adding an epoxy seal, our proprietary bathroom floor coating actually bonds with the concrete molecules to create a stronger floor.

Our Baltimore bathroom floor coatings are also a safe, VOC-free formula that installs and dries quickly. In just a few days your bathroom will be ready, with a 2-year commercial warranty against all defects.

Easy to Clean Bathroom Floor Coatings in Baltimore

If you want a bathroom floor coating in Baltimore that lasts a long time with simpler upkeep along the way, you need a Prestige Floor Coating. Like a force field for the bathroom floor, our product repels germs and soiling. Mop with your preferred cleaning solution, and the coating makes it easier to clean with fewer germs left behind. 

In just a few days, you can have a better looking bathroom floor with a custom color—and your cleaning staff will have an easier time keeping the restroom hygienic.

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Prestige Floor Coating is based here in the Baltimore area where we’ve protected more than 30 million square feet of flooring. Our formula works wonders as a bathroom floor coating for easy cleaning and long durability.

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