Bathroom Floor Coatings In Columbia, MD

Bathroom Floor Coating
Prestige Floor Coating turns concrete into a resilient surface with a rubberized membrane—exactly what you want for a bathroom floor coating in Columbia, Maryland. Your flooring will stand up to foot traffic, dirt and grime, and the rigors of daily cleaning. Our advanced formula that also ensures the bathroom floor will not peel, crack, or fade. 

Give your Columbia, MD business the best foundation for a beautiful, low-maintenance bathroom floor.

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Benefits of Our Bathroom Floor Coatings in Columbia, MD

Everybody likes a tile floor in the bathroom at home, but concrete makes the more practical flooring for commercial bathrooms. With Prestige Floor Coating, your business or organization in Columbia can enjoy bathroom floors that are extremely durable and stain-resistant, without the hassle of cleaning grout or mortar.

Our formula bonds with the concrete to cover up the nooks and crannies where germs like to hide in concrete. Then the coating strengthens the concrete itself and creates an elastic barrier that prevents peeling or cracking and blocks out dirt.

We are also your safe choice for bathroom floor coatings in Columbia. Prestige Floor Coating products do not emit any VOCs or toxic fumes. We can add your preferred level of skid-resistance to prevent injuries, too.

Columbia, MD Commercial Bathroom Floor Coatings 

With our advanced bathroom floor coating, your Columbia business will have a low-maintenance solution that makes it easier to clean and keep odors away. Bathrooms don’t need to smell unpleasant or reek of chemicals. With Prestige Floor Coating, it’s easy to keep the bathroom hygienic.

Our bathroom floor coatings are also ideal for businesses, schools, churches, and other groups in Columbia, MD. We have hundreds of color options and skilled installers who can add texture to resemble granite, terrazzo, slate, or colorful chips to match a logo or sports team colors.

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