Bathroom Floor Coatings In Gaithersburg, MD

Bathroom Floor Coating
Bathroom flooring has a tough job to handle with so much foot traffic and frequent cleaning. Public and commercial bathrooms especially need a surface that holds up well over time. Thankfully, we have the solution for bathroom floor coatings in Gaithersburg to turn your concrete into a strong, stylish floor that’s even easier to clean.

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About Our Bathroom Floor Coatings in Gaithersburg

Prestige Floor Coating uses a proprietary formula developed by our own chemists to be used as a bathroom floor coating in Maryland. The finished product is not a seal that may fade or wear out. Our bathroom floor coating bonds with the concrete to strengthen it and keep out the germs.

Our formula checks all the boxes for what you want from bathroom flooring:

  • Easy to mop clean with common cleaning products
  • Safe and slip-resistant when wet
  • No hiding places for dirty, smelly germs
  • Stain-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Emits no VOCs
  • No peeling, chipping, or cracking
  • Looks great, suitable for restaurant bathrooms and more

Gaithersburg Bathroom Floor Coatings for Style & Function

Concrete floors, if left unsealed, are susceptible to stains and damage that lead to cracks and chipping. Other options for bathroom flooring leave you with tile grout that gets stained even more easily. Vinyl and linoleum tend to crack and fade as well. There’s really nothing stronger than concrete, and with our Gaithersburg bathroom floor coatings you are as protected as can be.

Whether it’s the office restroom, a gym locker room, or the clubhouse of a golf course, we can customize your bathroom floor coating to match the style of your building or the branding of your organization. Unlimited color options and a variety of visual effects like colored chips and mirror tones can turn your Gaithersburg bathroom flooring into a true “plus” for your property.

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We serve businesses, organizations, and residences throughout the Gaithersburg, Maryland area with concrete bathroom floor coatings that outperform all the alternatives.

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The floor looks great, the guys are good workers, professional and very courteous. I appreciated having them here.

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